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[Chapter 59] Love in Another Life: My Gentle Tyrant

A man’s voice: “You three go outside and keep an eye out.”

It was him, it really was him!

XuanJi’s legs shook in anxiety.

XinYi wasn’t here yet, he was waiting for her. He was waiting for the girl who he had always held close to his heart. XuanJi bitterly laughed at herself as she felt a twinge of jealousy.

“Your Majesty please forgive me, I am late again.”

A firm but light, it gave the same feeling as Long FeiLi’s voice, but with a light hint of laughter. This voice was slightly familiar….. XuanJi froze in shock, a beautiful face suddenly swam into her mind. It’s her!?

How much time had she spent guessing XinYi’s identity? She thought it was someone she didn’t know but…. How could it be her?

She suddenly couldn’t be sure, she knew what she wanted to do next was dangerous, but she couldn’t control the raging curiosity

Gritting her teeth, she gently popped her head out from behind the bushes.

The two people embraced quietly under the moonlight. Although she could only see a blurry side view, their silhouettes were clear.

It was her! It really was her!

This person... she could never hope to compete against her. XuanJi felt as if her chest was being stabbed, her breathing came in short bursts. She tightly covered her mouth as she stared at the two embracing. His head was by her ear as he quietly whispered to her.

She could see the corner of XinYi’s mouth move upwards into a faint smile. A smile that was as light as water but as crisp and bright as the moonlight.

XuanJi also smiled to herself, but she knew that her smile was incomparable to the beauty of XinYi’s smile.

Perhaps, since the first day she met him, she had been slowly building a tower around her heart, and now that she heard what they said, it felt like the tower was finally collapsing.

Suddenly, Long FeiLi let go of XinYi and pulled her behind him instead.

“Who is it?”

XuanJi watched as he stood protectively in front of XinYi, her entire body felt cold, she had been discovered?

A sound came from the bushes by her other side. In an instance, a green shadow moved rapidly past her towards Long FeiLi.

The green shadow was QingFeng, and the person he had captured...CuiYa!

XuanJi’s entire body shook, why was she here? Was she tailing her the entire time? She hadn’t realized at all.

CuiYa had been hiding in a bush right next to hers, just now when QingFeng discovered CuiYa, he should have also seen her! She saw him look towards her direction for a second, his eyes were complex and anxious.

XuXi and XiaSang had already come in from outside.

Long FeiLi lightly furrowed his brow and looked at CuiYa. Her frail body shook as she kneeled on the ground. XuXi’s face was dark.

“Why are you here?”

CuiYa’s face was ghastly pale, as she stuttered out. “This.. this servant couldn’t sleep, she was wandering around when… when she came here.”

A crisp sound accompanied XuXi’s cold laugh. He had already pulled out his sword and pointed it towards her.

“Your Majesty, are you going to kill her? XinYi said startled, “but she’s Consort Nian’s….”

“She saw you, she cannot live. XuXi, go ahead.”

XuanJi had always remembered what Long FeiLi had said about CuiYa working for her

. “Having another loyal servant by her side can’t be a bad thing.”

Now, for XinYi, he was willing to kill her without a second thought.

--Translation by, if you are reading it elsewhere then it was stolen--

“You can’t kill my servant.”

The silhouette of a person appeared from behind the bushes. Slowly, she walked towards him.

Everyone’s face turned dark, Long FeiLi’s especially as his eyes followed her every step.

“How much do you know?” His eyes were dark, his tone so rough it was almost unrecognizable.

XuanJi smiled, “If I said I didn’t know anything, would you believe me?”

Long FeiLi smiled coldly in response.

“Alright, I know about your birth mother, and XinYi.”

His smile was like an arrow piercing through her heart. XuanJi clenched her fist tightly and turned towards XinYi.

“Lady RuYi”

Although these same people had gathered here just a few days ago, the sudden reveal of XinYi’s identity changed everything.

RuYi was currently in Long FeiLi’s protective embrace, the look she had as she watched XuanJi was complicated.

XuanJi smiled at Long FeiLi. “Your Majesty, please gift me with a few words, what do you plan to do with my servant and me?”

Long FeiLi let go of RuYi and gazed fiercely at XuanJi as if it wanted to rip her to pieces. Finally, he closed his eyes and turned around.

QingFeng, suddenly shot XiaSang a look, XiaSang could only smile bitterly back at him. XuXi immediately kneeled before Long FeiLi.

“Your Majesty, you might not want to hear what this servant has to say, but for the safety of the young lady, Consort Nian needs to be taken care of.”

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[Chapter 7.2] The Special Agent Princess

Purchasing Medicine [Part II]

QingGe only needed a thought to move all of the herbs she bought into the storage chest. However, the people around her weren’t blind, it would be suspicious if the objects suddenly disappeared. She had already died once, she knew what it was like to be seen as a monster in her previous world, she wasn’t going to let that happen again. Forget it, it was better to be cautious.

When QingGe and her mother came in, they purposefully left their servants outside. QingGe had ZhiLan called in and handed her the package to put on the desk. She told her to escort the Madame into the carriage first and she would follow.

ZhiLan dutifully followed her instructions and left with Madame Ye. Afterwards, QingGe asked the desk clerk to bring the prescription over to ZhiLan and requested Bai XiaoRao to bring some medical books for her. Once everyone had left the room, she took the entire package of medicine and placed it in her storage chest.

After everything was put away, she really started to feel tired. This was only her first day back, to do this much, it was really tiring. 

--Translation by LissuLand, if you are reading it elsewhere then it was stolen & you are missing the latest updates--

She took the medical books that Bai XiaoRao brought out to her and finally went into the carriage. It wasn’t until they were almost home when ZhiLan suddenly exclaimed,

“Ah! Young miss, I forgot to grab the medicine, do you want me to go get it?”

QingGe couldn’t help but laugh. “How could you forget you silly girl, forget it, we aren’t in a rush to use it anyways.”

ZhiLan relaxed a little, at least the young miss wasn’t angry. Now that she thought about it, ever since she woke up, her mistress has had an unusually good temper. She wondered about it as they slowly went back to QingGe’s QingYa courtyard. They had been gone for over four hours already.

Seeing them back from their trip, ZhiQiu came out to greet them.

“Young Miss, why were you out for so long? Earlier the Old Madame sent word to tell you to go visit her once you came back. Miss, do you think something might have happened?”

QingGe thought about it a little, she had a pretty good idea what this was about. 

“Don’t worry, nothing happened, let’s go over there now!”

Hearing her immediate response, ZhiQiu replied “Miss, don’t you want to change your clothing before heading over?”

QingGe looked herself up and down before replying.

“No need to change, we shouldn’t let the Old Madame wait any longer. If we leave now we’ll be in time for dinner.”

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[Chapter 58] Love in Another Life: My Gentle Tyrant

“Get out of my sight!”

The pain in her abdomen intensified again, she unconsciously bent down and clutched at her stomach. Seeing the pain in her eyes, Long FeiLi felt a surge of panic, he reached out to pull her into his embrace.

But XuanJi didn’t want him touching her. She twisted her body to the side and backed away quickly to avoid him. She glared coldly at him as she leaned against the cabinet.

Long FeiLi felt anxious and angry at the same time. “Nian XuanJi!”

He moved with a flash to her side again. At this moment, the door suddenly opened. Doctor Cui walked in carrying the bowl of medicine, she stared in shock at the scene before her, not knowing what to do next.


Long FeiLi’s eyes were filled with rage. Startled, Doctor Cui’s entire body shook as she placed the medicine on the table. She gave one last look towards XuanJi before leaving the room.

XuanJi stared at the delicate bowl sitting on the table. She let out a light laugh despite the lump in her throat.

Long FeiLi had never seen her like this before, her eyes were filled with threads of red, to the point where it looked as if she would begin crying tears of blood.

His heart felt a degree panic that he had never experienced before, but XuanJi had already walked over and picked up the bowl before he had a chance to collect himself.

The medicine was dark and cloudy, the strong herbal smell pierced her nostrils. After she drank this bowl, anything left between the two of them would be gone. Before, she had thought about leaving with some memories, but now, she didn’t feel the need to keep those anymore. Why carry those with her if she would have to waste energy trying to forget them later.

XuanJi closed her eyes and placed the bowl by her lips. As she tilted her head back, the bitter medicine touched her lips, suddenly a strong force gushed towards her. Shocked, she opened her eyes to find the bowl had already been knocked out of her hand.

A few drops of hot liquid fell onto the back of her hand. She heard a crisp sound as the bowl fell to the ground and shattered. The thick medicine spread across the floor like an inky black flower.

XuanJi looked up confused, a few steps away Long FeiLi stood with his palms thrust forward.

What a powerful internal force! He had broken the bowl, but.. Why?

She smiled bitterly and covered her face with her hands, slowly sinking down to the ground. Why does she end up covered in scars after every interaction with this man.*

*TN: metaphorical scars

Long FeiLi, what is it that you want to do?

A hot breath quickly engulfed her. A pair of warm hands embraced her, she tried to break free, but she found that she no longer had any strength. She was tired, so tired.

Buried against his chest, she could distinctly hear his heartbeat. It sounded quickly and clearly.

He carried her to the bed and sat down but continued to press her against himself. His head rested heavily on her neck.

XuanJi twisted her body away and looked towards the man’s heavy eyes. Her lips couldn’t help but twist into a smile as she coldly said.

“Long FeiLi, you should just kill me, I’m afraid I won’t be able to drink another bowl of medic---”

The rest of her words were blocked as he thrust his tongue into her mouth. He bit down on her lips like a madman as he ripped the clothes off of her body.

--Translation by, if you are reading it elsewhere then it was stolen--

XuanJi didn’t understand how she ended up here, her gaze drifted away towards the torn up clothing on the ground. Lost in thought she completely forgot to struggle.

He moved over her body as her hands draped lifelessly by her sides. It seems she could still feel something, but her heart felt empty and hollow. Tears flowed ceaselessly from her eyes.

He leaned over and gently kissed them away.

His heavy breath fell on her face, her lips, her neck, every inch of her skin.

Within his muddled gaze was an indescribable depth. His eyes were locked coldly onto her, the feeling it gave was of a man slowly sinking into obsession.

Even in this scenario, her body still felt some of the pleasure that had been ingrained into her body. But when he finally released himself in her, she felt a despair so strong that wished she could die on the spot.


For the first time, she didn’t fall asleep afterwards, she only gently closed her eyes.

She heard him sit up from the bed, place the blanket over her, and then instruct the servants to prepare her meal without waking her.

Afterwards, he quietly left.

She curled up into a ball beneath her blankets. The sky outside the window was blanketed with stars. That’s right, he left, there were less than six hours before he would meet with XinYi.


He had left without a word, this child…. Did he make a decision? This time he was able to let it live, but what about next time?

He might change his mind again in the future, but she knew what she needed to do now. She wanted this child, she couldn’t let him kill it. So she needed to leave, she couldn’t wait any longer.


Her two servants come into her room afterwards to bring her meal. CuiYa reminds XuanJi about the Emperor’s upcoming birthday and implores her to think of a good gift.

When the time comes, XuanJi is unable to stop herself from going to the meeting place. She gets there early and takes a look at the corpse at the bottom of the well only to find that it is a fresh body. Hearing the sound of people, she quickly hides behind some bushes.


A man’s voice: “You three go outside and keep an eye out.”


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[Chapter 9.2] Reborn, I Became a Male God

The director circled the two of them a few times and stroked his chin as he talked out loud to himself. “Will we have to film with step stools now?”

JingLing thought for a while and said, “It doesn’t need to be that complicated, I can sit in a wheelchair.”

The director’s eyes lit up, “That could work!”

And so, the set producer had to hurry and create a historically accurate wheelchair for JingLing. After a few tries, they were finally able to make one with the right measurements. 

The clothing department also didn’t get a chance to rest. They had to start creating costumes for JingLing. Due to the lack of time, they decided to just create two sets of clothing and make the rest as they filmed.

The entire cast and crew started hustling and bustling.

Two days later, the production held their opening ceremony at the YunDuan studio. The marketing team took the opportunity to snap a few pictures for WeiBo*.

*TN: Chinese social media app like fb/instagram

“TheSongofHappinessProductionV: After all the ups and downs, [Song of Happiness] is finally going to start filming, are you happy? <dog emoji><dog emoji><dog emoji><image.jpg>

The Song of Happiness was considered pretty successful as an online novel, but it was still nothing compared to big name books. Plus, this was SiJin’s only work, the number of fans accumulated were few and far between. It’s been about half a year since the announcement of the drama production, but there are only 30k fans. In the end, the Weibo status that was posted sunk like a stone in the ocean, barely any waves were created.

--Translated by, if you are reading it elsewhere then it was stolen & you are missing the latest updates--

Three days later, the production company started releasing images of the actors. The first picture wasn’t of the lead actors but of the supporting actors. The image showed a woman dressed in a begonia red palace uniform wearing a faint smile. The upper right hand corner of the image said “Meng Lan as Consort Lin”

In the original novel, Consort Lin was the mother of the third prince LiZheng, she was the previous emperor’s most loved woman.

Like the initial production update, this image of the actress in costume didn’t create much commotion. Only a handful of diehard fans bothered to leave any reaction.

Afterwards, every day at 6PM, the production company would release another image. After the images of the female supporting lead were released, it was time for the male supporting lead. After seven days of back to back releases, the drama finally started getting some buzz, by then they were only left with the last two pictures, the male and female lead

It was approaching 6PM again, fans were already starting to speculate who’s images would be released today. Some thought it would be the male lead, others thought it would be the female lead, everyone had their reasoning for their guess. 6PM on the dot, the production company released a new image. It showed a young man in military gear, holding a lance atop a beautiful black steed. The image only showed his profile, but one could see the flames of battle behind him. The upper right hand corner: “LiYi as LiYu”

The netizens started discussing as soon as the image was released.

JuanJuanisalsoverycutetoday: “So handsome, slurp slurp slurp!”

ILY: “The male lead’s profile is not bad, I want a front view!”

DeepSeaintheCloudsV: “Previous poster, this isn’t the male lead, it’s the female lead.”

TheLittleGirlMatchstick: “The original story is silly but sweet, makes me feel like being in love after reading it.”

Angie2: “Previous poster is trying to cause trouble @DeepSeaintheCloudsV: I looked it up, LiYi is a girl, if they’re going by the original book, the female lead should be played by a guy. I’m willing to bet a bag of hot cheetos that we’re all gonna go blind tomorrow, anyone want to bet with me?”

MyUsernameisaMess: “Gambling is wrong! But I also bet my eyes will go blind, one bag of hot cheetos!”

The rest of the netizens continued to comment on whether or not they will go blind.

The next day at 5PM, the production company sent out an early message. 
SongofHappinessStudioV: A surprise is coming soon, is everyone ready? [pant][pant]

A bunch of people flooded to comments, sniping about how “a scare” would be more accurate than “a surprise”. Everyone waited for the photo to be revealed as they continued to leave nasty comments.

At 6PM sharp, the production company released the final image.

It was the middle of winter, the courtyard was filled with snow. The vivid red of the plum blossoms growing in the background contrasted sharply with the white snow. Underneath the tree sat a woman wearing a light green overcoat. The collar of the coat was lined with white fur covering almost half of the woman’s face. The skin that was showing was almost as white as the snow. Her glistening black hair was adorned with two pearl hairpins. The woman’s head was slightly lowered, her eyes peeking through the long lashes. 

This was without a doubt a lovely woman, the only thing kind of out of place in the image were the long tracks of a wheelchair in the snow behind her.

On the upper right hand corner “JingLing as Zhao ZiZhen”

The poster who bet all the book fans would blind by now: “You said it would be a guy crossdressing as a girl? Aren’t you afraid the fans will beat you up if you got a chick to play the male lead?!”

MelonEatingRoad: “I thought yesterday’s image was of the female lead? This looks more like the female lead? Did someone make a mistake?


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[Chapter 57] Love in Another Life: My Gentle Tyrant

“I only have one question for you, you don’t want this child right?”

Seeing her lowered gaze, and the hand that gently rested on her stomach, Long FeiLi suddenly couldn’t look away.

He forcefully tore his eyes away from her and responded.


“En” Although she already knew his answer, it still felt like her heart was being cruelly twisted. XuanJi smiled and stroked her flat belly.

“Long FeiLi, I want to keep it, but I know that I don’t have the power to do so.”

“En, alright, maybe it’s better this way.” She felt her nose start to sting as teardrops tumbled from her eyes, she continued to mutter.

“It’s better this way, it’s better this way.”

If she were to have the child, she wouldn’t bear to leave him, how would she be able to escape?

Standing next to her, Long FeiLi’s hands were already balled into a tight fist within his sleeves, otherwise he would have already wrapped XuanJi in his arms. He had never been one to hesitate, no matter how difficult the situation, he was always able to take the next step needed.

But with her… he couldn’t find the resolve.

Reason told him that he couldn’t keep this child. According to his plans, the Nian family would soon be wiped out, at that time the decision of whether or not he would kill her would already be difficult enough, much less her child.

There has never been a woman like her who could cause him such confusion. Towards her, even he himself didn’t understand how he felt.

He had made his decision a long time ago, regarding Minister Nian, the Dowager Empress, and all his enemies in the capital. He would gamble his empire and his life with them and if he won he would take XinYi as his consort and proclaim her son his heir.

His fists were balled so tightly within his sleeves that it began to hurt, still he could not help but look at her face.

Suddenly, he saw her get up from the bed and put on her shoes, she had been undressed by the servants and was in only her undergarments. She slipped a light inner robe to cover up, but a sliver of skin still peeked out*, showing her delicate collarbone.

* TN: props to Long FeiLi for still being horny in this kind of situation.

She pulled Doctor Cui up from the floor and smiled gently at her.

“Go boil another bowl of medicine for me, make sure it’s a strong dose this time.”

“Consort Nian……”

The emperor had already spoken, but seeing the tears in XuanJi’s eyes, Doctor Cui felt unable to move.

XuanJi let go of her and leaned against the bed.

“Go, this should not be spoken of to others.”

XuanJi stared calmly at the floor before continuing in a low voice.

“Long FeiLi, I only ask you for one thing. Nian XuanJi was never pregnant, and Doctor Cui is not aware of any of this.”

Doctor Cui felt her heart heat up, she didn’t understand why the emperor wanted this child to die, but this was clearly a big secret. She knew that XuanJi was afraid the emperor would try to silence her for having witnessed this scene.

She looked toward the two of them then quickly exited the room.

The room was deathly silent. The man was surrounded by an icy aura, but XuanJi’s cold smile was also terrifying to behold. 

Although she felt more powerful standing up, her abdomen was starting to hurt, XuanJi slowly sunk down to the ground.

The child within her couldn’t be that big, it probably hasn’t even taken form yet, but they had to kill it. A strong sense of grief surged over her as she suddenly felt the urge to beg Long FeiLi,  beg him to spare the child, but the words wouldn’t leave her mouth.

He wouldn’t change his mind….

--Translation by, if you are reading it elsewhere then it was stolen--

She lowered her head and gazed again at her flat stomach, tears dripped slowly down her face, blurring her vision until she could no longer see what was before her.

After a while, the sourness she felt finally became irrepressible, she could only bury her face into her arms and bite her wrist to keep from crying out.

The skin was broken and blood leaked into her mouth, her chest felt empty and hollow but she still wasn’t able to suppress the cries.

The air in front of her felt a bit strange, a heavy breathing sound was heard.

XuanJi bit her lip and lifted her head, only to see Long FeiLi half crouching on the floor. His brows were furrowed as he looked towards her. His eyes were heavy yet wild with emotion.

She smiled coldly and roughly wiped the tears from her face. “Leave!”

Long FeiLi continued to stare at her as if he didn’t hear.

“Long FeiLi, please leave me with some dignity!”

XuanJi supported herself with the bed as she feebly stood up. She pointed towards the door, gritting her teeth she spat out: “If you don’t trust me then you can have XuXi or XiaSang watch me drink the medicine, anyone is ok, you need to get out of my sight!”


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[Chapter 9.1] Reborn, I Became a Male God

If this chapter seems confusing it might be because you missed the last chapter. Click the previous button above to catch up and find out why.

Unbelievably, the investor had really found an actor for the role. The reaction to JingLing was only stunned silence, finally a thought emerged unspoken into everyone’s mind:

So the drama won’t be getting cancelled?

Although everyone had been going about their day waiting for the eventual cancellation, no one wanted the show to actually get cancelled. All everyone wanted was to do their job, most sets were the same and given the choice, people usually didn’t want to go job hunting again. Plus, the pay for this drama was quite good, and even though no filming was being done, they were still being fed three meals a day without fail.

Because of this, everyone let out a sigh of relief when they saw the male lead.

Due to the long wait, a lot of the prep work had already been done, the costume designs for the other actors had already been completed. In the end, the only thing that was missing was the male lead. Now that JingLing was here, the production could finally move forward.

People in the entertainment industry have always been superstitious, a good date needed to be chosen before they could officially start filming. After the initial phone call, the director went ahead and did some research. It just so happened that Saturday was a highly auspicious date. The three days in between would be used to prepare JingLing’s costumes.

The director still had one more concern left. The next day, when JingLing went in for makeup, he finally asked SiJin,

“Has JingLing had a chance to read the script yet?”

SiJin replied calmly, “I just found him, how would I have time to give him the script?”

The Director’s mood suddenly plummeted, when he heard SiJin’s response.

“Don’t worry about it, we’ll just take it slow with the filming.”

Alright, you’re the one with the money, you’re the one who is stubborn, if you’re not worried then I shouldn’t be worried either. It’s not my money we’re spending anyways. The director had to repeat that to himself a few times before finally deciding to drop the topic.

--Translated by, if you are reading it elsewhere then it was stolen & you are missing the latest updates--

“We’re ready!” 

After about two hours, the doors of the makeup room finally burst open. People were already crowding around the door, all waiting to see JingLing in costume. Even though they had already seen his face and knew he was good looking enough to pull off women’s clothing, everyone still wanted to confirm.

[The Song of Happiness] was being filmed in the YunDuan film studios which was located in the ZhongYang District. It was GongHe country’s largest filming spot for historical dramas. About 70% of the historical dramas produced every year were filmed here. The living spaces and the filming spaces were all separated to preserve the authenticity of the set. All of the electronic filming equipment was so carefully hidden that they could not be seen with a glance.

Even the dressing room was well decorated, from the outside, it looked just like a historical building.

The elegantly carved wooden doors swung open again and a delicate girl wearing a shimmery teal dress walked out. Her hair was done in an elegant cloud bun adorned with many pearls. Her red lips remind one of tender peach blossoms, patches of white skin were exposed between the strands of hair falling gracefully around her neck. 

The crowd was stunned. After a while, everyone snapped out of their daze only to feel a little unhappy.

As a man, he was already quite handsome, but what could you do about that? How is it that, even as a woman he was breathtakingly beautiful, what reason did anyone else have to continue living?!

Unlike the others, the director still held some reservations despite the shock. He walked up to JingLing and circled him a few times before stopping in front of him. With careful observation he was able to pinpoint the problem. 

“Although his Adam's apple isn’t obvious, it’s still visible if you look closely, he’s also too tall. LiYi come here for a second.”

As soon as he spoke a girl to the side of him immediately walked over.

“Stand here.”

The director pointed to the spot next to JingLing. The girl stood to the side. Comparing the two of them, if you were to include the hair, JingLing was a whole head taller than her. The girl named LiYi was the actress for the female lead. Now that they were finally standing next to each other, having the “female” lead be taller than the “male” lead was not going to work.

JingLing kept silent and looked at the girl next to him, she also looked towards him. The two met eyes and LiYi shrugged her shoulders in exasperation. “You don’t have to look at me like that beautiful, I’m 5’5”, that’s already considered pretty tall compared to other girls.”

JingLing responded back, “It can't be my fault either, 5’7” isn’t considered that tall for a guy either.”

Two thirds of the male staff members: ……….


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