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[Chapter 41] Love in Another Life: My Gentle Tyrant

This is a translation of Chapter 93 from the Chinese novel. There are 413 chapters total in the main story. To read translated versions of the previous chapters you can go to Catharcity’s page. 

Names will be kept consistent with the previous chapters. For reference you can go to Catharcity’s character list (spoilers).


The audience was unnaturally silent, cold sweat trickled down XuanJi as she continued performing. This was the limit of her singing capabilities. She had hoped that this, coupled with the magic tricks she learned in her school day would be enough. There was nothing more she could do at this point and the song would soon be over.

Without realizing it, her gaze drifted to Feng ZhanBai. After tonight, she will likely never see him again…. With that thought in mind, as if on a whim, she walked slowly in his direction.

XuanJi was unaware that the entire audience’s attention was on her at this moment, watching as she moved towards him.

When their eyes met, there was a glimmer of familiarity, as if they had once known each other in a past life. Feng ZhanBai felt his heart constrict, the hands that were hidden beneath the table clenched tightly. He couldn’t help but laugh at himself, he had always walked calmly through life, never having felt any anxiety or nervousness. Who could have thought that he would first experience these emotions in this kind of scenario.

XuanJi watch as the handsome face reddened slightly. Curving her eyes in a smile, she stretched her hand out towards him. Her delicate white palm held nothing in it. The audience looked on with curiosity, no one understood her actions. Feng ZhanBai himself could only focus on the dryness in his throat as he watched her. 

Suddenly, the outstretched hand pulled back and twirled by her temples, a brilliant purple flower had bloomed in her hand. 

She smiled lightly and handed the flower over to Feng ZhanBai. Shocked, he immediately reached out and accepted it.

Walking back, XuanJi let out the final note of the song and slowly turned her body towards the back of the stage.

No one knew who made the first sound of, when suddenly, the entire room burst with cheers and applause. 

XuanJi vigorously wiped away the sweat on her brows, internally giving thanks to the TV drama the song was written for.

Suddenly, she felt something lightly hit her back. Confused, she turned back towards the audience. At the same time the lights within the building had been rekindled. Countless silk flowers were being thrown at her feet. The shock that had flitted across her face turned into a small smile.

In a matter of seconds, the floor was covered with a sea of multicolored silk flowers. If one were to count, the number of flowers piled before XuanJi were many times that of the flowers received by the five previous performers combined.

----This translation was done by LissuLand if you are reading it elsewhere then it was stolen----

A voice shouted out “No need to continue the selection, Miss ShiMin is clearly the winner tonight!” several other voices immediately joined in agreement. Soon, the sounds of approval rang through the entire venue.

Surprised, XuanJi didn’t know how to react. From the corner of her eye she saw Feng ZhanBai’s heavy gaze and the eyes of Na-Ming TianLang and YunYang, all pointed at her.

In the distance, she saw Madame walking towards the stage with a face full of smiles, XuanJi readied herself to leave the stage. Suddenly, she felt a heat rise from her lower abdomen and spread down her limbs, throughout her entire body.

Before she could react, she felt something tighten around her waist. Shocked, she turned her head and nearly let out a scream. WenSan, the pigheaded son of Wen Rukai had wrapped his arms around her! 

“What are you doing? Let go of me!” she angrily shouted, trying in vain to push him off.

WenSan gave her a perverted look and laughed. “You little seductress, I certainly didn’t make a mistake choosing you, you’ll serve my father and I well tonight.”

As he continued to hold XuanJi he shouted out “Does everyone want to see this little beauty’s face?”

“Yes!” The applause that had slowed down suddenly erupted again.

“Young Master Wen, hurry up and show us!”

XuanJi turned towards Feng ZhanBai in horror. Before she could cry out to him for help, the veil was already ripped off of her face.

“What? Why is it you? Where is Lu ShiMin? To think you were a girl this whole time! Ha, at least I still got something worthwhile for my money.” WenSan quickly recovered from his shock and laughed out. The disgusting look in his eyes intensified as he drooled over her. He looked as if he was ready to rip her clothes off and take her right there.

Furious, XuanJi lifted her hands and gave him a slap.

“You dare to hit me!?” He shouted in rage, immediately wrapping his hands around XuanJi’s neck.

Struggling to break free, XuanJi turned towards Feng ZhanBai. “Big brother, save me.” she cried out hoarsely.

Feng ZhanBai had barely been able to contain his rage when he saw WenSan grab XuangJi. In the moment her face was revealed, he was stunned by what he saw.

He moved with lightning speed towards the stage before the words were even out of her mouth. With a flick of his sleeves, she was pulled into his embrace and WenSan was knocked to the ground.

“Sir” WuQi shouted out as he leaped to Feng ZhanBai’s side. The entire audience froze in shock at the sudden change of events.


Note 1: For anyone curious, the drama that the song was written for is called “The Myth”. It’s actually one of the OG time travel dramas before China banned this genre. MC for this is a guy who time travels and falls in love. The story has a sad ending so be warned.

Note 2: I noticed that Catharcity’s writing style was very wistful and melancholy, perfect for an angst story like this. But if you read the Chinese text, the style of writing is more modern and playful. You can really see that the MC is someone from the 21st century who was dropped into this world. For example, when she talks about her magic tricks with the flowers, she specifically mentions that these tricks are from David Copperfield. I took that bit out because I was afraid it would mess with the tone of the story. I see the merits of both writing styles so I’m going to slowly try to figure out how to balance the two as I go along. 

TLDR: Basically this long blurb is to say that the tone might change a bit in the next few chapters until I pin everything down.


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