Thursday, January 23, 2020

[Spoilers Review] Heavenly Divine Doctor: Abandoned Concubine

If you are thinking about picking up this novel, here are my thoughts on the first 400+ chapters. I will talk briefly about the overarching plots and characters and how I felt about the way they were written.

Warning: light spoilers! You can click to the table of contents if you don't want anything spoiled! 

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Overall Plot: The novel contains a lot of the tropes that I like in these kind of romance/revenge fantasies. Stupidly capable Mary Sue FL, ML falls in love first, all the guys want a piece of her, etc. Story starts off a little slow but ramps up once the ML starts interacting with the FL. The big reveal is pretty drawn out and shows up around chapters 300-400 but I feel like it was worth the wait

Female Lead: Pretty likable, she's kind to those who treat her well and ruthless to people who have wronged her. As mentioned above, very very capable and smart.

Male Lead: The stoic kind who falls madly in love with the FL. He starts off a little pushy but gets a lot better after the big reveal.

Scheming: Some light scheming, mostly in retaliation to other people scheming against her. FL doesn't rely too much on using the ML's power and tries to get her revenge on her own.

Antagonists:  I hate overly long drawn out antagonists who just won't go away. So far the story has toed the line with that. Side antagonists will get taken out soon after they get annoying.

Other Thoughts: I'll be honest, my main motivation for binging this was to see the big reveal (you can probably guess what this is if you read the first chapter). It's still enjoyable afterwards but it's a lot less addicting. Overall I'd definitely give it a read if you like this type of story. 

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