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[Chapter 2] Reborn, I Became a Male God

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This story seems pretty crazy so I’m going to set some ground rules. These may change in the future if it no longer makes sense within the context of the story.

Boy JingLing = B JingLing (referring to the previous owner of the body)
Girl JingLing = G JingLing (referring to the current owner of the body)

I will default to referring to the MC with male pronouns unless G JingLing is intentionally creating a distinction between her female self and her male body within her internal dialogue. This might get a little confusing so I’m going to try to use gender neutral language whenever I can.

After receiving the 100RMB conversation fee, JingLing hitched up his backpack and sauntered off. 

Walking along the small and dusty road, he finally arrived at the bus station. After a short wait, a dirt covered bus pulled up to the bus stop. Boarding the small bus, JingLing paid two RMB and settled in for the 30 minute bus ride to Xian city.

JingLing was planning on visiting a certain person. Within her newfound memories, she saw that her present self wasn’t an only child. B JingLing had a big sister called JingQiu who was five years older. Their mother had died a few years after he was born and their father was always away for work. His sister had pretty much raised him all by herself. In B JingLing’s Sophomore year of high school, their father was in a car accident. That night, 11 people were involved in the accident and not a single one survived. The now orphaned siblings didn’t receive a single cent of compensation money, and even the funeral had to be paid for out of pocket. 

JingQiu, who had been working abroad at that time, hurriedly returned to settle the affairs. In the end, she decided to stay at home and take care of her brother instead of working abroad again.

She eventually found a job in tiny Xian city as a waitress, earning 1500 RMB a month plus free room and board. All of her income went towards covering her brother’s school fees and living expenses while she scrimped and saved. This was the life that JingQiu lived.

Last night, JingQiu had called her brother and told him she would take off work to go with him to his college entrance exams. JingLing had asked her how she was getting home, there was usually no public transportation available by the time she was off shift. She had said that her boyfriend would bring her home.

Even though JingQiu wasn’t G JingLing’s real sister, she still wanted to pick her up personally. 

A few minutes before arriving, JingLing gave his sister a call. As soon as the call was picked up, he heard an angry voice come through from the other side. “Who the fuck are you talking to? Is it your brother again? JingQiu, let me tell you, if you want to marry into the Li family then you better cut off contact with that guy. Like my mother said, our family doesn’t go around taking in orphans!”

After that, JingLing heard JingQiu’s anxious voice through the phone. “JingLing, I’m a little busy over here, I’ll call you back a later okay?” and the call ended.

At this moment, the bus had just arrived at the stop. JingLing gathered his belongings and slowly exited the bus with the rest of the passengers. The sky had darkened and the street lamps on either side of the street were lit up.

Since JingQiu started working in Xian city, B JingLing had not visited her once. Despite that, he seemed to have some familiarity with the place. Yesterday, after receiving JingQiu’s call, JingLing had looked the place up on the school computer and memorized the map of the city.

The place wasn’t hard to get to but it was a little far. Unable to find a taxi in this small town, JingLing waved her hand to flag down a rickshaw. After being seated, JingLing took inventory of his assets. 345.50 RMB.

“So poor!” he sighed. “But I guess I’ll have to make due.”

About a third of the way , JingLing saw a flower shop and asked the rickshaw driver to stop. He walked in then returned with a bouquet of red roses.

“Is that for your girlfriend?” the driver asked.

“You could say that.” 

When they arrived, JingLing paid the driver and gave his sister another call. After several rings, she finally picked up. “JingLing, I’m really busy here, I’ll call you…..LiWei! What are you doing? Give me back my phone, give it…..”

“You’re called JingLing right? Let me warn you..”


The line was cut, only a dial tone could be heard through the speaker. 

JingLing put away his phone and headed away from the main road. Outside of a little shop called Happiness Restaurant, a man and a woman were seen fighting. The scene was clearly a continuation of what was heard on the phone.

“Piece of shit!” JingLing cussed. He threw his backpack onto the bushes by his side and started taking large strides in their direction.
LiWei and JingQiu had been together for almost a year now. He first met her at this very restaurant. That day, he was eating with friends when JingQiu was waitressing. He had taken a liking to her immediately and wooed her for almost half a year before she finally became his. 

Although JingQiu wasn’t stunningly beautiful, she had a cute, girl next door look and was very eye-catching whenever she put some effort into her looks. There were many guys after her at the time and LiWei was very proud to have been the one who got her.

--This translation was done by LissuLand if you are reading it elsewhere then it was stolen--

At first, he treated her very well, doting on her and attending to her every need. After he found out about her family background, he felt some dissatisfaction but kept it quiet. It wasn’t until he found out about her intentions to pay for JingLing’s education that he finally blew up. Because of this they had gotten into their first fight and he had even hit her. At that time, JingQiu had wanted to break up with him, but decided against it in the end. He had sworn that this would be the last time it would happen.

For these kinds of things, once there is a first time, then a second and third were soon to follow. In the past half a year, the two had fought numerous times, and the threat to break up arose again and again. LiWei would always convince JingQiu to change her mind with his apologies.

Now that JingLing was close to graduation and on track to going to a good college, LiWei was unable to suppress his dissatisfaction again. He repeatedly forced JingQiu to choose between him and JingLing. Every time JingQiu would choose her brother but LiWei would still refuse to let her go. And so, the two arrived at their current relationship.

Today, LiWei left work directly to go pick up JingQiu, each time he saw JingLing call her he was incensed and flew into rage. Finally, during the last call, he reached out and yanked the phone from her hands. Unable to get the phone back and afraid LiWei would yell at her brother, JingQiu she knocked the phone into the wall and broke it.

The pause that followed was like the silence before a storm.

Feeling absolutely no remorse for his actions, LiWei reached out to slap JingQiu, cursing at her. “You bitch! See if I don’t kill you today! Looks like my mom was right, there’s no point speaking to people like you! You need to have the sense beat into you!”

He lashed out expecting to see JingQiu’s pained reaction when she was hit. Except… before his strike could land it was stopped, his arm was unable to move.

Before he had realized, his arm was held in a tight grip by someone. 

“Piece of shit, who are you insulting?” A cold voice came from behind him, at the same moment he felt a sharp pain in his wrist. Unable to hold back, he let out a loud scream but a hand reached out and covered his mouth.

“I don’t feel like hearing your ugly wails.” 

Standing by the wall, JingQiu finally saw who had intercepted LiWei. Her eyes opened wide in a look of disbelief.

“Jing… Jing…” before she could piece the words together, something flashed in front of her and landed in her arms. She looked down and was even more shocked by what she saw.

A bouquet of fresh red roses.

“You don’t have to say anything, this is for you, do you like it?” The newcomer said in an extremely gentle voice.

JingQiu looked down at the flowers, and then back at her brother, suddenly she felt her eyes begin to water. She nodded her head fiercely and said. “Yes!”

“That’s good, why don’t you go back to work, I still need to discuss some things with this guy.” As he said this, he wrapped his arms around LiWei’s neck and dragged him in the direction of a small alley. Halfway, he turned back and looked towards JingQiu. “Don’t worry, it’s just a few small things, I’ll be done soon and come back to take you home.”

Somehow, these simple words made her feel at ease. She nodded at him and turned to go back to the restaurant.

As soon as JingQiu was gone, JingLing dragged LiWei deep into the alley. The dim lights that shined overhead were not enough to dispel the darkness of the alley.

“Don’t worry, I just want to say a few words to you.”

“It’s understandable for you to be upset about your girlfriends raising her brother, if it were me I might be upset too. This is like inviting a third party into a marriage.”

Except… you two aren’t married yet, if you don’t like it you can just break up. Why the need to start using fists? And you’re even bringing your mother into this too, how old are you to still be relying on her?”


First chapter done, so far I’m liking this a lot, I hope JingLing beats some sense into that guy.

On another note, how do people feel about leaving the currency in RMB? I feel like it’s more true to the story. Right now it doesn’t affect the story too much, it’s kind of like fantasy stories when they have made up currencies. They don’t tell you the exact exchange rate but you can tell the value of the money by what it can buy and how other people react to different amounts. For reference the exchange rate between USD and RMB is usually around 7.3 RMB to 1 USD.


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