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[Chapter 3] Reborn, I Became a Male God

B JingLing didn’t care too much about his sister or her personal life. JingQiu wasn’t the type of person to burden her younger brother either, so even though G JingLing had the same memories as B JingLing, she didn’t know much about the relationship. It wasn’t really JingLing’s place to intervene in a relationship he knew nothing about, but based on what this piece of shit just did, JingLing felt that a good beating was probably the right course of action.

So he took action, stuffing LiWei’s mouth with a T-shirt and throwing him bodily against the wall. As for how he managed to beat him until he couldn’t move without leaving a trace of injury... JingLing had once devoted a lot of time to improving this skill within the system. After mastering it, she soon lost interest and switched to something else.

It had been a long time since she’s used this skill.

“Do you know what you did wrong?” After a respectable amount of beating, JingLing bent over and took the T-shirt out of LiWei’s mouth.

“Oh, and remember to keep quiet, otherwise who knows what I might do.”

LiWei was about to shout for help, but immediately reconsidered. He quietly said, “Who are you, what relationship do you have to that bitch?” 

He didn’t understand why this young man had a problem with him. He still hadn’t caught a glimpse of this guy, even now in the alley, the lights were too dim to see his face. LiWei’s thought immediately jumped to JingQiu cheating on him, the proof was in the flowers this man had given him, they must have been pretty expensive.

After dating her for a year, he knew about her family background. Both parents were dead and no relatives were left except for a younger brother. He had never seen this brother, but he knew the kid was just a high school student, so he didn’t think for a second that this guy could be him.

Before he could think any further he felt a sharp pain on his rear.

“Looks like you still don’t understand.” JingLing said coldly as he kicked LiWei a few more times.

“Let’s not talk about higher education, but you should have at least gone to grade school right? Didn’t the teachers give you any etiquette lessons? Why is ‘bitch’ the only word you know how to say? Did they do a bad job teaching you or were just too stupid to learn?”

“You guys are just dating, she hasn’t even married you yet, so why are your mother’s words the law? If she were to marry you, would she have to be your servant?”

“Oh! Forgive me, we’ve been talking for so long but I haven’t even introduced myself. My name is JingLing, I’m JingQiu’s little brother.”

“I don’t know what she ever saw in you, but it’s not important now. When you’re young, dating a garbage person can be seen as a learning experience. I don’t know if she’s ever mentioned breaking up to you? If she has, then great, if she hasn’t, then allow me to tell you for her. From now on, there is nothing between the two of you. I hope you’ll stop harassing her in the future, or I can’t guarantee you’ll be able to live peacefully.”

“I doubt you’ll ever have a chance to see her again in the future, but I still want to make sure we’re on the same page.”

“Hmm...Do you think I’m dumb for telling you who I am? You don’t need to worry about that, you can go get yourself checked at the hospital. If they manage to find any proof you can send them my way”

“Alright, alright, I’m done talking. I’m not your mom or dad, I don’t have the patience to stand here and teach you how to be a decent person so I’ll take my leave now.”

With that, JingLing dusted off his hands and turned to leave.

At that moment, a motorcycle stopped nearby and illuminated the dark alley. Lying on the cold hard ground, LiWei could see the silhouette of a tall lean figure casually walking away. The bright light was piercing in the night, LiWei reached up to block the light but the small movement was enough to cause a sharp pain in his arm. He felt like his bones were being snapped in half.

After spending his entire life being trash, a few words weren't enough to change anything. Although LiWei was a piece of shit, he was smart enough to see the difference in ability between him and JingLing. The numerous insults were forcibly kept inside until JingLing had finally walked away.

“Mother fucker! This bastard’s been watching too much TV if he thinks he can get away with this. Once I go to the hospital I’ll send the cops after his ass to lock him up!”


Darkness had enveloped the entire area. While in the alley, JingLing had not noticed the light rain that had begun to fall. The streets were still bustling with pedestrians out visiting the restaurants and food stalls that lined the street.

Heading back to the restaurant JingQiu worked at, JingLing happened to see her sticking her head out to look around. She was probably worried about him.

“Sis” He called out.

Shocked, she anxiously looked JingLing up and down. “JingLing, are you okay?” The only thing she was worried about right now was him. As for LiWei….. Even when they were in their honeymoon phase, his importance was nothing compared to her brother.

She’d practically raised him all by herself. He’d always been an adorable and precocious child and held a soft spot in her heart. When they were younger, their father had prioritized JingLing’s education, to the point where JingQiu lost the chance to continue her schooling. She was a little bitter but seeing how smart and capable JingLing was, she had wholeheartedly sacrificed herself to give him the chance to go to a good school. She believed that he was sure to be successful in the future and would lead a good life.

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JingLing smiled at her. “Don’t worry sis I’m fine, how much longer until you’re done with work?”

“The restaurant should close in two hours or so.” As soon as she spoke a voice called out from inside. “JingQiu! Table number 18’s food is ready!”

“Coming!” She quickly turned to leave, looking back she said “JingLing, just sit here for a while, I’ll be back after I send this upstairs.” She continued walking to the kitchen but was suddenly stopped by JingLing.

“What’s wrong?” She asked quizzically.

“You’re probably tired, why don’t you go take a break, I’ll bring the food up for you. Besides, there’s probably a lot to carry, you shouldn’t be doing this alone.” As he spoke, he pulled JingQiu to the side and sat her down, then he headed calmly towards the kitchen.

Inside the kitchen was a woman around forty years old and a seventeen to eighteen year old girl. The two were scrambling to keep up with the dinner orders and didn't even turn around when JingLing walked in. “The dishes are right there, hurry up and take them up, table number 9’s food is almost done too.”

“Alright.” JingLing said as he grabbed the platter of food and carried it out of the kitchen. 

Hearing an obviously male voice, the teenaged girl immediately looked up and stared in stunned silence. It wasn’t until JingLing left that she was able to react.”

“WangJie, who was that just now? Is he new? He’s really cute!”

Focused on the task at hand, WangJie barely even looked at the girl “What new guy? Hurry up and keep chopping!”

A little confused, the girl continued cutting.

Even if WangJie didn’t notice anything at first, she couldn’t help but realize when JingLing came back a few more times for more orders. She finally asked him who he was, learning he was JingQiu’s brother who was here to pick her up. 

“What a good kid, your sister has worked very hard sending you to school. You definitely have to take good care of her in the future, we all worry about her a lot.”


Two hours passed by very quickly, JingLing helped WangJie tidy up and close the restaurant. The rain had gotten heavier and there weren’t many people left out on the streets.

JingQiu pulled out an umbrella and turned to JingLing. “It’s pretty late now, we won’t be able to get a car to go back, why don’t we find an inn to stay at and go back tomorrow?”

JingLing nodded as he took the umbrella from her hand, holding it over them as they stepped out into the rain. The Umbrella was small so he had to pull her close to him to keep them both dry. 

“Sis, you should find a chance to tell them you want to quit.”

JingQiu smiled, “I know you’re concerned about me but I can’t, If I don’t work who’s going to pay for your tuition? Just focus on taking your exams and don’t worry about me, once you’ve graduated and found a good job, I’ll quit and let you take care of me!”

“You don’t have to wait that long, I can start taking care of you now!”


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