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[Chapter 4.1] Reborn, I Became a Male God

“I can start taking care of you now!”

The words that were spoken were serious. To JingQiu however, JingLing was just a highschooler whose future was unknown, how could he take care of her? She appreciated what he said, but didn’t really think much of it.

“Alright, I’ll let you take care of me then!” she jokingly responded.

JingLing could tell she wasn’t taking him seriously, but didn’t say anything. Some things could only be proven by actions, not words.

By now, JingLing had acquired a lot of skills, more than she could even count. Back in her previous life, in order to complete missions for the system, she had placed skill points in all 386 skill paths available. Although she couldn’t claim to be a master of every one of them, she had at least an average competency in all of them.

Because of that JingLing had a lot of methods to make money, but for now she would have to be a little more cautious.

Any normal person would have to spend time learning and practicing to attain any success in most of these skills, it would be suspicious if a young, small-town highschooler suddenly showed proficiency in all them.

JingLing would need to leave the town to gain some “life experience” first before showcasing any of these skills, but because of the college exams she needed to stay in the area.

Despite not thinking much of school, she was willing to utilize her upcoming “life experience” as a college student to explain where her newfound skills came from.

Right now, a college education doesn’t open as many doors as it used to, but the degree itself can be important in entering a career. This was another reason for JingLing to focus on studying. The original host studied science, and had very high marks, under normal circumstances he would be able to be one of top scorers in the nation.

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“Sis, which college do you think is the best?” JingLing asked.

JingQiu replied without having to think.

“Of course it’s ShuiMu University or DiDou University, those are the best schools in the country. It’s just too bad they only take a handful of students each year.

I’ve asked your teacher, he said that your grades are good and should have no problem getting a high ranking score, why don’t you try for one of the Universities in YanZhou?

You’ll be close to home and could try to be a professor there in the future.” JingQiu said.

“Being a professor…..”

JingQiu responded before JingLing even needed to finish his sentence.

“I’m only throwing out suggestions, your teacher already told me that picking a major was a big decision. You just need to pick something you like, I’ll support you no matter what!”

JingLing nodded “Alright!”

With that discussion, JingLing decided to aim for ShuiMu or DiDou University. Once it’s time to make a final decision, she’ll pick the one that she likes more.

Each year, only a handful of students were admitted to those two schools, but the number of competitors was in the hundreds of thousands.

This might have been a challenge if JingLing was a normal person, but she wasn’t.

Her confidence didn’t come from arrogance, to start off, JingLing was already a born genius, coupled with the skills learned from the system (i.e: photographic memory, perfect mental math, etc.), getting a high score would be very easy for her.

Time passed by quickly and in a blink of an eye it was the day of entrance exams. Because their home was far from the exam location, JingQiu booked a hotel room nearby. The morning of the exams, JingQiu used the hotel kitchen to personally make a hearty breakfast for JingLing. After he finished eating, she walked with him over to the exam site.

Because of the sunny weather, JingLing wanted JingQiu to wait for him back in the hotel, afraid that she would get overheated.

JingQiu was unwilling to leave though. Seeing the parents of the other participants there, she also wanted to wait outside to support him. Unable to change her mind, JingLing handed her an umbrella and bought her plenty of water, promising to be done quickly.

JingQiu smiled happily and watched as JingLing walked in to take his exams.

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