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[Chapter 42] Love in Another Life: My Gentle Tyrant

Note: Going forward I’ll start to incorporate usage of third person when relevant. The use (or lack of use) says a lot about the relationship between the people speaking.

I’m also going to start summarizing/condensing some portions of the novel.

Blood was dripping out of the corner of WenSan’s mouth as he cried out in pain. Servants rushed forward to help him off the ground. 

Wen Rukai smiled coldly as he stood up from his seat. “Young man, your martial arts skills are quite good.”

Due to his family circumstances Feng ZhanBai had kept a low profile on his trip to the capital. He did not wish to draw the attention of any nobles or court officials. Yet at this moment,with XuanJi trembling in his arms, he suddenly felt willing to fight everyone in YanYu tower to keep her safe. 

“I apologize for involving you in this.” XuanJi said with a sad smile.

“Since you’ve already acknowledged me as an older brother, then there’s no need for you to apologize.” He said gently to her.

While in his arms, XuanJi felt the heat in her body start to subside. The brief moment of reprieve quickly turned into discomfort when her body suddenly started to itch. The feeling intensified and she felt as if a million ants were crawling beneath her skin.

The desire for Feng Zhanbai to hold her tighter suddenly rose unbidden into her mind. Her cheeks flushed red as she tried to shake the thought away, but her entire head felt cloudy. Through the haze she was able to realize one thing. She had been drugged!

Before her performance a servant had come in to serve her tea. She had been thirsty from practicing so she drank it without a second thought. Thankfully, YuZhi was hiding underneath the table at that time and didn’t have any. 

How could she have been foolish enough to drink anything at a brothel without examining it first?! Madame Huan must have sent it over intending to drug Liu ShiMin.

She felt the heat coursing through her body growing more and more frenzied. “Big brother, please take me away from here.”

Feng ZhanBai saw the pained look in her eyes and immediately felt his heart constrict. “Alright, I’ll take you away immediately.”

At this moment, ten to twenty people in soldier’s uniforms surged in and surrounded the two.

Na-Ming  and YunYang glanced at each other. They were about to make a move when Feng ZhanBai shot a glance at WuQi. Suddenly, all that could be seen was a swirl of white cloth. When the movement stopped, XuanJi and Feng ZhanBai were nowhere to be seen. 

The onlookers were stunned, how can anyone move that fast? 

“Spread out and search! Those two must be captured!” Wen RuKai sneered.

“Hm, I wonder who uncle is trying to capture?”

A light voice fell from the second floor as a group of people descended down the stairs. The one who had spoken was a purple clad young man.

Wen RuKai was about to respond in anger when he saw whose voice it was. A wave of terror washed over him as his knees started to shake. Why would he be in a place like this?

Pulling himself together, he hurriedly knelt and addressed the newcomer.

“This humble servant greets his majesty!”

When these words were spoken, the entire room froze. In a flash, everyone except for WuQi, Na-Ming, and YunYan were kneeling on the ground. 

“Na-Ming greets the emperor of the Western Capital.” Na-Ming placed his fist to his chest and bowed slightly.

Long FeiLi smiled lightly at him: “The second prince does not to worry so much about etiquette.”

Although surprised to see the emperor, YunYang revealed nothing in his face. “This official greets the emperor”

As he bent down to kneel, Long FeiLi reached out a hand to stop him. “Seventh brother, we are family, there’s no need for you to be so polite.”

WuQi was in shock, to think that Na-Ming was actually a prince from YueLuo kingdom, and YunYang was the seventh prince, Long XiuWen.

Long XiuWen had been exiled at a young age by the previous emperor and had not returned to the capital since then. Although he and YuZhi were siblings they had only met once as a child and did not even recognize each other.

Long FeiLi looked at the people kneeling before him and lightly said. “It seems that many members of the court are here today. It is certainly is a lively event.”

Although his voice was calm, a wave of terror washed over the officials still on the ground. None of them knew why this young emperor would suddenly show up here. Unable to tell what he was thinking, they all remained silent out of fear.

At this moment, WenSan crawled over to Long FeiLi and sniveled. “Your Majesty, please provide a recourse for this official, I was just heavily wounded by an unknown fiend….”

Wen RuKai cursed inwardly at his stupid son. “Who allowed to speak in front of his majesty!”

Before he could even finish his sentence, WenSan had been fiercely kicked to the ground. A stream of fresh blood spurted from his mouth. Seeing this, everyone was terrified. 

If you were to consider family relations, WenSan was technically the emperor’s cousin, yet he still….

Other people may not understand but those accompanying Long FeiLi knew all too well. Earlier, when the XuanJi’s face had been unveiled, he had already reached his boiling point. For him to then see WenSan molesting her and Feng ZhanBai carrying her away….. One could only imagine how enraged he was now.

Long FeiLi tells everyone in attendance about YanYu tower being suspected of harboring an assassin. He then orders several palace guards to seal the tower and search for the criminal. QingFeng returns from tailing Feng ZhanBai to report back to Long FengLi. Long FengLi leaves the scene to search for XuanJi who is hiding in Miss ShiMin’s room with Feng ZhanBai.

Feng ZhanBai carried XuanJi over to the bed. Her mind was in a complete haze, unable to process anything. She starts tearing at the clothes on her body as her face twisted in discomfort. “It’s so hot…” She moaned softly, while writhing on the bed. 

Seeing this, Feng ZhanBai immediately knew what had happened. Suddenly the sound of fabric ripping was heard, XuanJi had torn off her outer robe, revealing a patch of snow white skin. 

Unable to do anything, Feng ZhanBai immediately walked out and grabbed a serving boy, demanding the antidote. Terrified, the servant said that the drug could only be cured by a man and a woman being intimate with each other, and it must be done within an hour or the drug could cause great harm to her body. 

Back in the room, XuanJi’s condition had not improved. Her chest rose and fell slowly with each breath, her skin glistened under the candle light. The sight was enough to drive any man crazy.

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Having long fallen for her, Feng ZhanBai’s could barely control his beating heart. Without thinking, his hand reached out to caress her face. He paused as his hand slid over her smooth skin. Realizing what he had done, he immediately withdrew his hand, but it was too late, XuanJi had reached out and grabbed his hand.

“No, don’t do this.” Clenching his teeth, he tried to pull his hand back, but this only caused her to hold on even tighter, pulling him closer to her.

Feng ZhanBai had always been a man with great self control, but for some reason, he wasn’t strong enough to pull away from her. 

He smiled bitterly at himself. No, it wasn’t that he didn’t have the strength, but that he didn’t want to. The man who had stayed away from worldly relations his entire life, he had fallen completely in love today.

XuanJi had long lost all awareness of her surroundings. The only thing she could focus on was the hand she was holding. She had felt some relief from it and was now trying to pull it closer to her body.

When Feng ZhanBai felt the soft tug on his hand, he felt his restraint slip and swiftly pulled her into his embrace. Giving her a light kiss on the forehead, he murmured in her ear: “XuanEr, if I were to have you today, would you hate me for the rest of your life?”

“I am twenty three and yet to marry. I’ve never felt this way about any woman other than you. After tonight I will go to your family to ask for your hand in marriage. For the rest of my life I will only love you, will you accept that?”

XuanJi felt as if her entire body was being consumed by fire. She instinctively burrowed into the embrace of the man who held her, squirming desperately in his arms with need.

With this, what little self control Feng ZhanBai had left was gone. He lowered his head and kissed her deeply.

As their tongues intertwined, he breathed in her light fragrance. He had known the woman in his arms for barely a day. Even the name he called her by may not be real. Despite that, he felt as if he had waited for her for over a thousand years. Every inch of his body cried out for her desperately wanting her, wanting to spend the rest of his life loving her.

Feng ZhanBai felt as if a stone was dropped into his once peaceful heart. The ripples it created had expanded until they could no longer be contained. He was drowning completely in his desire for her, unable to resurface.

Hearing her gasping for breath, he reluctantly pulled away. He gazed at her as his thumb lovingly stroked the petal like lips that were swollen from being kissed.

The hauntingly sad words she sung today suddenly floated through his mind.

If we were to be reborn in a different time with different names
Would I still recognize you?
After a thousand years
What kind of scenery will you be surrounded by?
Although our story is not considered beautiful
It is something I will never forget.
If we had been brave enough to be together
Would we have a different ending today?

He had never believed in rebirth or fate, but from the moment he saw that woman in violet walk onto the stage, he felt like his heart had been struck.

He had inexplicably fallen completely in love with her. If this wasn’t fate then what was it?


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