Monday, February 17, 2020

[Chapter 45] Love in Another Life: My Gentle Tyrant

Long FeiLi righted himself, unable to remember how many times he had her last night. Just like the first night, he had continued till she could no longer take it and begged him to stop.

He didn’t sleep that night either, only lying beside her and watching her, around four in the morning, he finally arose and instructed everyone to return to the palace.

In YanYu Tower, everyone was already prepared to leave. Na-Ming and the Seventh Prince were both sent to their respective homes, while Feng ZhanBai and WuQi left separately.

When Feng ZhanBai first appeared, everyone could see that he had been heavily injured. The blood was still seeping out of his wound, contrasting sharply against his white robes..

Unexpectedly, he was still able to move about quickly with his injuries. QingFeng had tried to prevent him from leaving, but even his martial arts were not enough to stop him. Within a few swift movements, Feng ZhanBai and WuQi had vanished.

In the dead of night, the street lights that were normally lit had already been extinguished. A carriage quietly pulled up to the rear entrance of YanYu Tower as a purple robed man carrying a woman slowly walked out. Upon entering the carriage, the imperial guards surrounding the area moved to escort the carriage back to the palace.

That was the night YanYu Tower was closed, never to open its doors again.


In the opposite direction of the royal carriage an anxious man on the verge of tears was pulling a lone horse. Upon the horse was the reclining figure of a white robed young man.

“Young Master, are we going back to the Chen ShiBo family?”

The man in white only uttered a few words “return to YanXia County” before passing out. The JinChuang medicine on his chest had melted into the fresh blood that was oozing out. Even the best medicine of the Feng family was not enough to stop the blood flow as it trickled down along the belly of the horse.

The man couldn’t understand, since the age of twelve, no one has been strong enough to hurt his master. How did he get such heavy injuries in just one night?

He continued to walk as he pondered, making the long trek to YanXia County. Unbeknownst to WuQi, Feng ZhanBai’s hand was still clenched tightly around a purple flower.


Fate often works in strange ways. Sometimes, what looks like the end is only the beginning…


After returning to the palace, against all expectation, Long FeiLi brought XuanJi into his bedroom instead of confining her in FengJiu Palace.

This was the first time he had ever brought a woman in there. Afterwards, he went straight to morning court without bothering to assign any extra guards to keep an eye on her. Even XiaSang and XuXi were told to stay away.

It was still early in the day when morning court ended. When he went to check on her, she was still wrapped in a bundle of blankets, deep asleep. He decided to go to the sitting area to work on state matters.

At lunch time, he went back in to wake her, lightly patting her face. She had angrily burrowed deeper into the sheets, still dead asleep.

Long FeiLi furrowed his brows. The wives of a noble family were groomed from a young age to be elegant and graceful at all times. The residents of the palace were unlike the regular citizens, his consorts were dignified even while asleep.

He reached out his hand to pat her again, this time, a leg shot out to kick him in response.

He reflexively caught her foot, his brows furrowing even deeper. Yet this unexpected reaction caused his heart to stir a little, before he realized it, he had pulled her into his embrace and kissed her lightly.


He returned to the sitting room to have lunch and spend some time reading.

Listening to her faint snores, he felt the stress and frustration from the past few days fade away.

…….until he heard a small voice call out. “Big Brother Feng?”

The calm atmosphere suddenly turned icy cold. “Say that again…”

She seemed to just realize he was there, her face lit up in joy as she ran towards him. Seeing this, the icy exterior cracked a little.

“It’s you, It’s you! Thank goodness it was you!” XuanJi dove into his embrace relieved as the lingering sense of fear slowly evaporated.

Long FeiLi’s entire body stiffened, after a long moment, he slowly wrapped his arms around her.

The warmth of his hand erased all remaining doubts, with the anxiety gone, she suddenly remembered.. Using all her strength, she forcefully pushed him away, glaring at him. Memories of the events that happened before leaving the palace all came flooding back into her mind.

There was a pause as the two looked at each other, neither knowing what to say. Finally, XuanJi bit her lip and walked back into the bedroom.

Long FeiLi’ gaze turned heavy as he watched the figure beyond the crystal curtain.

Shortly, XuanJi returned to the sitting room, dressed neatly in her robes.

“This consort illicitly left the palace, your majesty may deliver whatever punishment he deems fit. If there are no other requests, this consort shall take her leave.” With that, she turned and left the room.

She had not apologized or shown an ounce of remorse. What wasn’t this woman afraid to do?


Glad the ML is finally starting to fall for the FL a little. We’re still less than a fourth of the way in so I know there will be a long angst-ridden road before these two can reach their happy ending.

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