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[Chapter 46] Love in Another Life: My Gentle Tyrant

Chapter 97 of the Chinese novel

Staring at her retreating figure, Long FeiLi walked back to his desk and picked up his book again.

“That’s probably for the best, Consort Nian should return quickly. I will be sending XiaSang out in the evening with an official decree to punish the servants of FengJiu palace. They were not able to do their duty as servants and protect their mistress, you should also be there when the decree is issued.”

Hearing this, XuanJi turned around and raged “Are these underhanded tactics the only thing you know how to do?”

Long FeiLi didn’t respond, his attention had shifted back to his book as if he was reading a gripping story.

“Long FeiLi, what are you trying to do?” XuanJi clenched her teeth in frustration.

XuanJi stood unmoving, waiting for a response.

What she didn’t realize was that illicitly leaving the palace was a grave offense. If Long FeiLi didn’t give a show of punishing her now, then the punishment she would receive from anyone else in the palace would be far worse.

She didn’t for a second suspect that he had any good intentions.

Now that YaoGuang was between the two of them, all trust had gone. Even if he didn’t love her, their relationship would never be able to return to how it was before.

He finally spoke again: “All I know is that one must apologize when one has mistepped.”

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XuanJi was shocked, she derisively shouted out “You can forget about that!”

Without waiting for another response, she turned around and left.

Long FeiLi angrily threw away the book in his hand. With a sweep of his arm, all of the contents on the table before him were swept to the ground.

By the time XuanJi was done with this exchange, it was already late afternoon. She had slept most of the day away.

She wanted to help the servants in FengJiu palace but she still had some time until the decree was released. She’ll come back to beg him later, for now, let him be angry!

Thinking about this, she felt a little better.

When she returned to her palace, DeiFeng and the rest greeted her with tear streaked faces. They all quickly asked where she had been. She only responded that she was with the emperor. Despite knowing this wasn’t entirely true, they didn’t pry any further.

“Where’s the little wolf? I haven’t seen him since I came back.” XuanJi asked, half curious half worreid. The little wolf that was usually seen scampering around outside had mysteriously vanished.

DieFeng didn’t know either, ever since that day when QingFeng took him away he was nowhere to be seen. XuanJi would have to ask him about it later.

“Mistress, princess YuZhi sent a servant over recently asking you to go visit her.”

“Did she say what it was for?”

DieFeng shook her head.

XuanJi went to visit YuZhi. When she arrived outside her palace, she heard XiaSang and the princess arguing about her arranged marriage. 

“Princess,you have to ask his highness to call off your wedding to Prince Fan and let you choose for yourself between him and Prince YueLuo”

“Why? Is there any difference between the two of them?”

“At least you’ll be able to have another choice, and Prince YueLuo has not yet married, you can be his first wife.”

“What does it matter, all of them are the same to me, none of them measure up to big brother Feng!”

“Do you mean Feng ZhanBai? YuZhi, listen to me, don’t bring up his name in front of the emperor! You should hurry up and go ask your ninth brother”

“XiaSang, aren’t you overstepping your bounds? What does my marriage have to do with you? All you need to know is that whoever I marry, it won't be you!”

The silence was deafening.

“XiaSang…. I didnt mean---”

“What the princess said is right, I have been thinking too much. XiaSang is only a servant and does not have the right to intervene in the princesses affairs!”

XuanJi stood in shock as XiaSang hurriedly left, all color sapped out of his handsome face.

To think the ever calm XiaSang could have this kind of reaction.


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  1. Yeah, let him stew in anger. Don't beg him. It wont help anyways.

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