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[Chapter 4.1] The Special Agent Princess

QingGe arrived at the Old Madame’s AnShou Courtyard with ZhiLan. The old servant standing by the door saw the two of them and immediately came over to greet Ye QingGe.

QingGe smiled at the old servant and said: “Please go inside and tell grandmother that I decided to come over here as soon as I got up. I would like to pay my respects if she isn’t too busy.”

“Third Miss please wait here while I go bring the message to her.”

As soon as the old servant went inside, ZhiLan turned towards QingGe and asked, “Miss, why are you being so polite to that old servant today?”

“Oh? What’s wrong with being a little more polite? We should follow this etiquette regardless of the situation.”

In her last lifetime, Ye QingGe would always barge into her grandmother’s courtyard unannounced. She used purposely disrespect her grandmother because of how she treated her mother, but in this lifetime she had to learn to be more cautious.

ZhiLan was a little stunned at her mistress’s response, but nodded her head and stayed silent after some contemplation.

The Old Madame was in her room listening to a servant girl reading buddhist sutras. She motioned for the servant girl to retreat when she heard the message from the old servant.

“That girl…. She asked you to tell me of her arrival?”

The old servant hurriedly replied: “Yes, this servant does not dare to speak any lies.”

“En, that girl has become a lot more courteous after waking up from her fall. Didn’t she always just barge in here?”

Sun MaMa, the servant by the Old Madame’s side stepped forward.

“Old Madame, it’s almost your lunch time, for Third Miss to visit now…?

The Old Madame ignored the hanging question and turned to look towards the old servant.

“No harm in letting her in, we shouldn’t let her stand outside for too long after recovering.”

The old servant nodded and retreated.

Meanwhile, Sun MaMa was a little embarrassed, she had bet on Gao YiNiang someday being the head of the household and was already secretly in her service. Even though Gao YiNiang wasn’t the main wife, she was adored by YeHan and would undoubtedly replace the main wife who had yet to bear him a son.

Sun MaMa had wanted to use this chance to undermine QingGe, who knew that the Old Madame would decide to let her in.

Despite her age, the Old Madame was aware of what was going on. She hated the infighting amongst wives, but couldn’t openly do anything without overstepping her bounds as a mother and humiliating her son.

When Ye QingGe walked in, the uncomfortable look on Sun MaMa’s face didn’t escape her notice.

The Old Madame saw her and calmly said, “You’ve just woken up, you should be resting some more.”

QingGe purposefully sat down close to the Old Madame, she smiled sweetly and said, “Grandmother, I can’t believe I was asleep for two entire days just from falling a little. When I woke up, I felt as if it had been a long time since I last saw you. Your granddaughter misses you and wants to see you.”

Hearing these words, the Old Madame felt an indescribable feeling. The words were well said, but they thoroughly did not match Ye QingGe’s previous actions. If it was said by any of the other young misses, the Old Madame would have definitely felt happy, but hearing it come from QingGe’s mouth felt a little strange.

While the Old Madame was grappling with how she felt about this, Sun MaMa took the chance to speak up again.

“Third miss has really changed since waking up, you even know to think about the Old Madame now.”

As soon as she finished, QingGe furrowed her brows and said. “Grandmother, you’ve always been too kind, when did the rules in our estate change? Servants should know not to speak when the masters are talking. If word of this were to spread outside, I’m afraid the other officials would disrespect father.”

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