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[Chapter 47] Love in Another Life: My Gentle Tyrant

Chapter 98 of the Chinese novel


After XiaSang leaves, XuanJi goes inside to greet YuZhi who had a surprise for her. CuiYa, the orphan girl they had helped in the streets was here, wanting to serve XuanJi. On her way home from YanYu Tower last night, YuZhi had encountered CuiYa who begged her to take her to XuanJi. She had talked the matter over with Long FeiLi who agreed to let her stay. After helping CuiYa get situated, XuanJi decided to go back to Long FeiLi’s palace to beg for forgiveness.


It seems that XuanJi had picked a bad time to visit, as the emperor was currently in the company of one of his consorts ---- YaoGuang.

As soon as she saw this, XuanJi immediately turned to leave, but Long FeiLi had already seen her.

“Consort Nian.”

Now that there were two consort Nian’s in the palace, who knew which one of them he was referring to, XuanJi continued walking away.

“Nian XuanJi.”

She ground her teeth in frustration but stopped to greet him.

“Your majesty, this consort has interrupted you, this consort will take her leave now.”

YaoGuang picked this time to greet her.

“Sister.”  She said with a magnanimous smile.

Unable to spit the words back out at her, XuanJi merely nodded her head in YaoGuang’s direction, ready to drift elegantly away again.

“You may leave.” Long FeiLi said coldly.

XuanJi smiled in response, if he wants her to leave then she’ll leave. But before she could take more than two steps, a strong arm had wrapped itself around her waist.

Surprised, she turned to look at the tall figure that was now standing beside her.

YaoGuang walked over and said in a quiet voice “This consort will take her leave now.”

As she left, she cast a glance at XuanJi. Her complicated gaze was filled mostly with resentment.

Just now.. He had told YaoGuang to leave?

XuanJi straightened herself, not knowing what to say. Before she could gather her wits up again, Long FeiLi had already let her go.

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“I wonder why Consort Nian wanted to see me?”

As he said this, he looked around a bit and casually stated: “Hm.. It’s almost evening, XiaSang should be here soon.”

Hearing this, XuanJi almost exploded with anger, she spat out her response through gritted teeth. “This consort was wrong to illicitly leave the palace, begging his majesty…”

Long FeiLi smiled coldly, “Is this the level of your sincerity? Consort Nian, who asks for forgiveness with that kind of attitude.”

He looked at her again and then turned to go back inside.

If she were wearing high heels right now, XuanJi would have surely taken them off to beat him with it. Working hard to push down the anger, she followed him inside.

Inside, he was seated at his desk again. This time, the table was covered with food. Despite being more sumptuous than the plain fare of tofu and vegetables they had last time, the dishes were still very light and simple.

Long FeiLi was now elegantly sampling the food before him, completely unbothered by the angry looks XuanJi was shooting at him.

Unable to hold back any longer, she strode towards him “Long FeiLi what is it that you want me to do?”

Looking up from the food, Long FeiLi stared directly into her eyes. “Do you know why YaoGuang was here just now?”

Why was he still toying with her like this?

“I only want to know what you want from me? I can’t be bothered to care about anything else.”

Ignoring her, Long FeiLi continued talking. “She came here, hoping I would visit her tonight.”

XuanJi smiled bitterly at him. “It’s good that your relationship is so strong. That day at the Nian Residence you were only able to sample, now you can feast whenever you want.”

Long FeiLi’s pupil’s constricted . “But right now I’m only interested in your body, what do you think I should do about that?

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