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[Chapter 4.2] Reborn, I Became a Male God

“JingQiu watched as JingLing walked in to take his exams”

In the classroom, JingLing quickly completed his test, handed it in, and left, well before any of the other students. Because of this, he got chewed out by the security guard at the door.

“What’s the point of being good looking if you don’t take your studies seriously? It’s obvious you didn’t study so you just gave up and left, you could at least review your test a few more times and take full advantage of the testing time.” After being scolded a little more, he was finally let go.

JingLing had left early because he didn’t want JingQiu to be stressed waiting for him, who knew that this would happen, causing her even more stress. For the rest of the day, JingLing decided to just stay in the exam room and leave with the rest of the students.

After the exams, there was a two week waiting period before the results would come out. Despite knowing this, JingQiu waited anxiously.

JingLing’s teacher had estimated what his scores would be, based on this, JingQiu’s current savings would be enough to cover the first year of tuition. Outside of that, JingLing would still need money for living expenses, books, supplies, etc.

So the most important thing at the moment was to earn more money.

How to earn more money? The only thing she could do is continue to work at the restaurant. Even though her salary was only 1,500, there was about two months before school started so she could scrape together another 3000. If they scrimped a little more they could even buy JingLing some new clothes for college.

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With that in mind, JingQiu told JingLing that she needed to go back to work. He didn’t try to stop her, but he asked her to take at least two more days off before going back.

Seeing how much her brother cared for her, JingQiu happily agreed. Besides, she really was a little tired from overworking.

The next morning after breakfast, JingLing turned to JingQiu and said.

 “Sis, you stay home and rest today, I’m going into town to hang out with some of the other students. I might be late coming back tonight.”

JingQiu was a little surprised to hear this but she quickly recovered. It was perfectly normal for JingLing to have his own group friends who wanted to hang out and relax after exam season.

“Go ahead, be careful on the way there. Oh wait! Do you have any cash on you? Let me give you some. You’ll look bad if you’re always borrowing money from other people.” As she talked she got up to grab some money.

“Sis, don’t worry about it, I still have some.”

“Alright then, be careful on your way there!”


JingLing walked out and followed the small dirt path to the main road. He waved down a rickshaw and headed toward town, once there, he then got on the bus heading towards the county and then transferred to a bus heading towards the city. By the time he was done commuting, it was already past noon.

Wearing the cheap 5 RMB sunglasses that he bought in town, JingLing walked with the crowd of people and thought about how he would earn money.

First of all, he wouldn’t be taking any jobs that paid at the end of the month, he wanted to earn money immediately. He could consider taking a part time job, those would pay out quickly and decently, but what kind of part time job? Handing out flyers? Home tutor? Forget about it, the money to time ratio for those was way too low.

After walking for some time, he casually looked around and checked his surroundings. His gaze fell on the establishment just ahead of him.

It was a bar. Unlike the other stores around it, the bar was closed in the day and would open when most people were heading to bed. Yun City didn’t have a booming economy, but the income level for businesses was still passable. Places like bars would have even higher incomes. Most importantly, they were flexible about working hours.

This is the one.

It was only 4 PM at the moment and most bars open around 6 or 7, he would still need to wait a little. JingLing found a nearby fast food restaurant and walked in. He ordered a coke and fries and waited there for over an hour. Checking the time, he decided to head over.

His timing was pretty good, when he got there, the bar had just opened up and no customers had arrived yet.

When JingLing walked in, some of the employees were still setting up. The hostess at the counter looked up and set aside her preparations when she saw him.

“Welcome, what would you like today? Our bartender hasn't arrived yet so you’ll have to wait a little if you want a drink.”

Even though the doors were open, the bar was clearly not ready for business yet. Despite this, the hostess was still professional about greeting the customers.

Too bad JingLing wasn’t here to spend money. He removed the cheap sunglasses from his face and looked towards the hostess.

“I’m not here to drink, I’m here to apply for a job, do you guys need a bartender?”

The hostess was ready to reject him when she saw JingLing’s face. The words suddenly got stuck in her throat. She had never seen anyone so handsome, even the celebrities on the red carpet couldn’t compare.

The bar wasn’t in need of new employees, but in a world where appearances were everything, a good looking face could always be useful. Even if he just stood there and did nothing, his looks would be enough to pull in more money from the patrons.

The hostess wanted to hire him on the spot, unfortunately, she didn’t have the authority to do so and would still need to talk to the owner first.

“Please wait a moment while I give the boss a call.”

The hostess picked up the phone on the counter and dialed the boss’s number. The response that came from the phone could also be heard from around the corner.

“XiaoYang, what are you calling me about?” As the man talked he also walked into the bar.

“DongGe, there’s someone here who wants to apply for a job.”

The man replied, “I don’t remember posting any ads for employees recently.”

The hostess immediately followed up with, “DongGe, why don’t you take a look at him first.” As she spoke she pointed towards JingLing.

“What’s so worth looking at? Does he have an extra arm or something?”

DongGe didn’t really take her seriously but as he looked up he suddenly froze.  “Shit, I’m not seeing wrong am I?”

JingLing walked over to him.

DongGe was already considered tall at 5’9”, but when JingLing stood by him, he was almost an entire head shorter.

“Hello, do you need a bartender?” He gave him a small smile, showing off the dimples in his cheeks. JingLing was at the perfect intersection between handsome and cute, coupled with his dazzling smile, his looks were almost enough to steal someone’s soul away.

In actuality the bar didn’t need more employees, but all logic and morals flew out the window when standing before such beauty.

“Yes! We do need people! We’re in dire need! Can you start today?”

The smile on JingLing’s face grew bigger.

“I can.”


This is going to be fun, I’m ready for him to make money! I don’t think the real world really works that way but one can dream.

There’s a lot more back and forth dialogue  in this novel, I don’t want to constantly be tagging things with “JingLing said, JingQiu said, he said, she said,etc.” so I’m just leaving it as is when I think it’s clear who’s talking. Please tell me if it gets too confusing and I can try to find a better way to distinguish.

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