Friday, March 6, 2020

[Chapter 4.2] The Special Agent Princess

“If word of this were to spread outside, I’m afraid the other officials would disrespect father.”

QingGe purposely latched on to this point knowing how much the Old Madame loved her son. In her last lifetime she didn’t know Sun MaMa was one of Gao YiNiang’s pawns, and had been unwittingly tricked by them several times. This time around she would take her revenge, starting with gutting this old servant. 

As she had guessed, the Old Madame’s face immediately fell after hearing these words. Seeing this, Sun MaMa immediately spoke up again, “Young Miss, this old servant was only trying to speak up for you, please don’t treat me like this.”

QingGe turned to the Old Madame, “Grandmother, now I even need a servant to help me speak to my own grandmother. If this spread outside, people would think that you were unkind to me, or that I am hated by you. Grandmother, when did your granddaughter need a servant to speak up for me?”

Thinking it over, the Old Madame agreed with what QingGe was saying

“Sun MaMa, what’s wrong with you today? You can’t even remember the rules of the estate? Your punishment is a loss of two months of salary, you may leave now.”

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Seeing that she had lost, Sun MaMa hurriedly apologized and made to retreat.

As she turned to leave, something invisible grabbed her leg. She lost her balance with a loud “AH!” and tumbled directly into the Old Madame.

At the same time, her hair bun suddenly unraveled and fell loose, the gold pin in her hair dropped to the ground and rolled towards QingGe’s feet. 

The Old Madame was completely shaken by being fallen on. Sun MaMa was usually very careful, why was she getting so sloppy lately?

While the Old Madame was contemplating this, QingGe immediately picked up the gold hairpin. Seeing this, Sun MaMa lunged to grab it back, but wasn’t able to move as fast as QingGe who held the hairpin in her hand and felt it’s weight. A smile immediately appeared on her face as she handed the hairpin to the Old Madame. 

Grandmother, look, Sun MaMa must have been swindled, this hairpin feels too light to be real gold.”

Curious, the Old Madame took the hairpin from QingGe. She weighed it in her hands, it felt unusually light, as if it were hollow. 

Did Sun Mama really get tricked? 

The Old Madame turned the hairpin in her hands, something about it felt off, the head of the pin was loose and was starting to twist. She twisted the head of the pin off and took out the contents. Inside she found two rolled up bank notes totaling 1500.

Sun MaMa’s entire body went limp when she saw the Old Madame untwisting the hairpin. She knew it was over for her, she would be chased out of the estate and never be able to serve the Old Madame again. Thinking of this, she stared at Ye QingGe with hatred in her eyes. It was all her fault, if it wasn’t for the third miss, this would never have happened. The more she thought the more her look filled with venom.


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