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[Chapter 48] Love in Another Life: My Gentle Tyrant

Chapter 98 of the Chinese novel

“Right now I’m only interested in your body, what do you think I should do about that?”

Hearing his words, XuanJi almost choked on her own spit, this person was shameless enough to say something like that without turning red.

She suddenly didn’t know what to say next.

The words filled with obvious intent… She would be lying if she said she wasn’t interested, her heart was audibly beating with excitement.

She still couldn’t understand, Long FeiLi could have any woman he wanted. Many of the consorts in his palace were far more beautiful than her. Why would he be so interested in her? Could it be because he was tired of feasting on gourmet food and wanted to try something more simple?

The more she thought about it the more it didn’t make sense.

Seeing no reaction from her, Long FeiLi continued to eat without saying any more.

If the enemy does not make a move then neither will I. XuanJi continued to stay silent, but as she watched him eat, she suddenly remembered how little she ate today. Now that she thought about it, she was ravished.

Feeling mischievous, she reached out her hand and grabbed a piece of meat off the table and popped it into her mouth.

Long FeiLi had not expected her to do something like that, he looked up in surprise.

“So uncivilized.”

XuanJi glared grumpily at him, seeing him reach for another plate of food, she reached out and grabbed another piece.

Long FeiLi furrowed his brows and put down his chopsticks. XuanJi took this opportunity to quickly eat some more. After polishing off a few more platters of food, she smiled sweetly and said: “This consort has not eaten yet, she is a little hungry.”

Long FeiLi smiled and took a sip of tea. “Then consider these dishes a gift from me.”

XuanJi’s face immediately fell, gifting me with food that you’ve already eaten….

“Thank you, this consort will take the rest of the food to-go.”


“It’s a culinary term, you may not be aware of it.” XuanJi said.

“You’ll eat here.”

“We should talk about important matters first, your majesty still hasn’t said what he wanted this consort to do.”

“Eat first, then we’ll talk.”


XuanJi gritted her teeth and threw and quick glance at him, his eyes were filled with mirth at her reaction. She silently cursed herself, why did she have to eat his food? Wasn’t she just digging a hole for herself?

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The food was served in small stone pots, she picked up the bowl he was using and added some rice to it. It was only then that she realized there were no other chairs, she looked around a bit, would she have to eat standing up?

Something suddenly tugged at her waist, before she realized it, she was leaning against a firm chest. His hand was pressed gently against her lower abdomen, a calm voice came from behind her.

“Hurry up and eat, the food is starting to get cold.”

These words almost sounded gentle, making XuanJi feel a little uncomfortable, what were they doing here? She bit her lip and started eating without a word.

His hand continued to hover around her lower abdomen.

She never bothered to act ladylike around him before, and now was not the time to start, especially since she was hungry. She started eating with bigger and bigger bites, quickly shoveling the food into her mouth.

She suddenly thought back to a particular meal she had at the cafeteria during her school days. She had happened to sit at the same table as LinSheng and his girlfriend. He barely knew who she was and paid her no attention, but she had still carefully eaten her meal, wanting to make a good impression. To date, that was the slowest she had ever eaten a meal. Thinking about it now, she couldn’t help but laugh a little.

Long FeiLi had found a book to read, hearing her laughter, he reached out and turned her head towards him.

“What are you laughing at?”

XuanJi paused and then shrugged.

Long FeiLi furrowed his brows and frowned as he removed a grain of rice from the side of her cheek.

“It’s one thing to be like this at home, but didn’t you take any etiquette lessons before entering the palace?”

Why was he always nagging her, even back at the Nian residence, he had scolded her because she wasn’t as elegant as YaoGuang.

“I’m not an idiot, I’m only like this with you, I’m the picture of elegance in front of other people.” She said angrily.

These words seemed to amuse him as a laugh escaped from his thin lips. XuanJi didn’t think what she just said was funny, she silently cursed him for laughing at her. She was about to turn around and continue eating when he grabbed her chin and enveloped her mouth in a warm kiss. Soon, her mouth was pried open by his tongue

At that moment, the only thought she had was that she hadn’t rinsed her mouth after eating.

This man….

Her lips were kissed swollen by him when he let her go, she leaned against him, gasping for breath.

Before she had a chance to catch her breath, he picked her up and carried her towards the bedroom.

XuanJi was embarrassed and annoyed, it was only 7 or 8 PM, what was he trying to do? They had despised each other ever since the fight over YaoGuang, what happened last night was an exception.

Since neither liked the other, why were they doing this kind of thing?

“Long FeiLi, I haven’t finished eating yet!”

“You can eat after we’re done, I will send for a few more dishes then.”

What does ‘after we’re done’ mean? He could say these kinds of things without an ounce of shame.

She felt herself tumble onto the bed, the fresh scent of the sheets enveloped her. She turned her head slightly as a rough kiss landed on her neck.

“The issue of FengJiu Palace---” XuanJi exclaimed.

“Can’t you see that I’m too busy to punish them now?” He said as he nibbled on her ear, his heavy voice caused XuanJi’s entire body to shudder uncontrollably in anticipation.

She pushed back the desire bubbling up inside her and gripped the blankets tightly.

“YuZhi’s marriage, can you push back the decision to after your birthday?”

The clothes were being ripped off their bodies, Long FeiLi’s slim but toned body tightened as he pressed her beneath him.

XuanJi desperately tried again. “Long FeiLi, about YuZhi… I’m begging you----”

Her mouth had been forcefully covered, the rough sound of his voice vibrated over her lips.

“Who taught you to negotiate with me like this?”

“Is that a yes or a no? If you say no, then we aren’t doing anything tonight!” XuanJi shouted out, not caring about etiquette or shame.


Translator’s note: YaoGuang’s name is a reference to a star in the Big Dipper. Whenever XuanJi internally refers to her, she would call her ‘that star from the Big Dipper’ as an insult. It’s too confusing if I translate it directly, but it does add something to XuanJi’s personality, so I thought I’d drop a note about it here.

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