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[Chapter 49] Love in Another Life: My Gentle Tyrant

Chapter 99 of the Chinese novel.

“If you say no, then we aren’t doing anything tonight!”

“You want to bargain for two things with one night together?” Long FeiLi asked with a smirk.

“So what if I do?” XuanJi said without thinking.

“Then we’re not stopping until I’m satisfied.”

-------- Summary-------

Deep into the night, the Dowager Empress is having a secret meeting with her son, Long LiYu WangYe, and her brother, Wen RuKai in her inner palace. 

The three are discussing Long FeiLi’s latest actions at YanYu tower. Through conversation, it is revealed that the assassin Long FeiLi met with at Nian residence was actually the trusted servant of the Dowager Empress. He had been sent by the Dowager Empress to steal a map and had unknowingly attacked the Emperor, thinking he was a regular guard. 

Minister Nian had hidden two copies of the map, one real and the other fake. The map that Yu KouZi retrieved had turned out to be the fake one.

The three discuss the potential war against the XiongNu, if fighting were to occur, both Long FeiLi’s men and the XiongNu would be heavily injured. This would be the perfect time for them to strike.

They continue to talk, discussing the possibility that Long FeiLi will start to catch on to their schemes. The Dowager Empress knows that he is aware to some extent but cannot  openly do anything because she is his mother. Any move he makes against her would be seen as unfilial by the court and the citizens of the country.

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The Dowager Empress plans to wed YuZhi to Fang ChuFan as a way to get him on her side.

After Wen RuKai and Long LiYu WangYe leave, she and her servant go into a hidden prison chamber beneath the palace.

Inside is a prisoner who has all of her limbs torn off and her eyes gouged out. The Dowager Empress begins taunting the prisoner who replies calmly to her provocations. The Dowager Empress then begins threatening the prisoner with the life of her son, promising to reunite them soon in death. This manages to get a reaction out of her.

It is revealed that the prisoner is actually Long FeiLi’s birth mother, SuRu. The Dowager Empress had been keeping her here and torturing her for years. 

Many years ago, SuRu had caught the eye of the Emperor and he had given her the title of First Consort. Even though the Dowager Empress had conceived a son for him, SuRu’s son was the one that received the title of Crown Prince. The Dowager Empress had been bitterly resentful of this fact for years and had been plotting to usurp the throne.


“I was his empress, why is your son the one sitting on the throne right now and not mine?!” The Dowager Empress angrily shouted.

“Because he loved me.” SuRu said simply.

These words pierced directly at the Dowager Empress’s pain point.

In a rage, she picked up the knife lying by her side and ran towards the chained woman, angrily slicing at SuRu’s face. The Dowager Empress  was initially born of a military family and had some martial arts training. The stabs carried a lot of strength behind them, slivers of flesh were being shorn off. These wounds would eventually close into scabs, similar to the ones that covered SuRu’s entire body.

SuRu barely even flinched as she was stabbed over and over again.

In her daze she thought back to the happy moments she experienced before she was trapped here.


“RuEr, if you give birth to a son, I will confer him the title of Crown Prince.”

At that time, the maiden’s face was still youthful and delicate, the pair of bright eyes were filled with laughter. She turned her heads towards the young man holding her from behind. He had always been so gentle and loving towards her.


“You know why…..”

----You know why…

She smiled to herself. These words were the reason she had been trapped in this prison for over ten years, but they were also the reason why she had been able to hold on all this time and not give in to despair.

She continued to unflinchingly take the Dowager Empress’s abuse.

What belonged to her would always belong to her, no one could take that away. She had faith that the Dowager Empress would not be able to take away Long FeiLi’s throne that easily.


Translator’s note: 
WangYe is the title given to male relatives of the emperor (brothers, uncles, nephews, etc.) If it wasn’t clear, Long LiYu WangYe, is the Dowager Empress’s biological son while Long FeiLi is SuRu’s son. The Dowager Empress had been plotting all this time to get Long LiYu on the throne instead of Long FeiLi.
RuEr is the pet name for SuRu. In Chinese, you can usually take the last character of someone’s name and add an “er” to the end to denote familiarity. So “SuRu” becomes “RuEr”.

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