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[Chapter 5.1] Reborn, I Became a Male God

Although he had agreed to start immediately, JingLing was not stupid. There were certain things, like pay, that needed to be discussed first. DongGe was also a smart guy and went straight to the point.

“The monthly salary for a bartender here is 4000, you would also get commission for sales of high end liquor and keep all of your tips. Work hours are from 7 PM to 2 AM, one day off a week. Usually a new hire will need to work for two months as an understudy but we can skip that for you. Can you tell me where you learned to bartend? We require all our bartenders to have a basic knowledge of cocktails, it would be good if you had the skills, if not, you can work a different position, pay would also change based on that. How does that sound?”

Honestly speaking, the salary was quite good for the economy of this little city, anyone else would leap to accept this position, but JingLing was different. He came to the bar looking for a part time job that would pay daily, if that criteria wasn’t met, then he had no interest. Seeing how direct DongGe was, JingLing didn’t want to beat around the bush either.

“DongGe, your offer is pretty good, but my circumstances are a little unique. I want to find a part time job that pays out every day, if you can accept that then we can keep talking, if not, then I appreciate the opportunity but I’ll have to decline.”

DongGe was a little surprised to hear this but didn’t take any offense. Employment was a decision made by both sides. He had his requirements but the other party would also have stipulations. He had several part timers at the bar but none of them were paid out daily. If it were someone else asking he would definitely refuse but since it was JingLing, he was willing to concede.

“I can accept this if you promise to work here for at least a month.”

JingLing shook his head, “One month is too long, I’m willing to commit to half a month at most.”

“Not possible, it has to be at least a month!”

“Half a month, I’ll see how I feel afterwards.”

“One month or no offer!”

“If that’s the case then I’ll just leave…” JingLing trailed off.

“Alright, half a month! 120 per day plus 5% commission on all sales. XiaoYang, bring him to the back to change into his uniform then we’ll test his skills!”

As soon as JingLing started to refuse, DongGe immediately changed his tune.

JingLing nodded in acceptance and thanked DongGe, he followed the hostess named XiaoYang to change his clothes.

DongGe’s bar was actually pretty classy, all of the workers were dressed in business attire and had specific uniforms. The T-shirt and tennis shoes that JingLing walked in with would not be acceptable. 

XiaoYang led JingLing to the changing rooms and handed him a set of freshly washed clothes. 

A white collared shirt with double breasted coat jacket and leather shoes of average workmanship, the clothes were clearly purchased wholesale. They looked fancy from a distance but were very poorly designed and fit awkwardly when worn. 

Some people were born to model clothing and could look good even if they were wearing burlap sacks. JingLing was one such person, he had a great body and a handsome face. When he changed he gave off the aura of awealthy male lead in a romance novel.

XiaoYang had been completely stupefied by his appearance and stood rooted to the spot. It wasn’t until JingLing waved his hand in front of her a few times that she snapped out of it.

“XiaoYang, I’m ready, let’s go.”

“Ah?... O-Okay!”

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Meanwhile, in the lounge, DongGe was calling all of the bars VIPs.

“Hey! ,WangJie? This is DongGe, how have you been doing lately? Haven’t seen you around the bar. Let me tell you, we just hired a really handsome young bartender…”

“ZhangJie, how have you been? If you have time you should come over, we just hired a handsome young man, I guarantee you’ll be satisfied. He’s way better looking than Devin from the ZhouDa bar. You can come check it out if you don’t believe me!”

“RongJie, it’s been a while, have you been busy lately?.... If you have time you should come over and have a drink, we just hired a new guy…”

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