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[Chapter 5.1] The Special Agent Princess

Cold Poison [Part I]

The Old Madame’s hands were shaking with anger. She never would have thought that the faithful servant who followed her all these years would be hiding this much money. Looking at the dates on the banknotes were all from this year too! What other secrets could she be keeping from her?

Not wanting to hear anymore, the Old Madame immediately called someone to take Sun MaMa away. 

Sun MaMa howled and pleaded as she was dragged off. “Old Madame you have to believe me! This old servant scrimped and saved for years to accumulate this money, I didn’t accept any bribes from people. I’ve always been faithful to you!”

QingGe and ZhiLan both had to hold back laughter when they heard this. Isn’t she digging her own grave? No one had accused her of taking bribes, why was she offering up a defense for no reason?

Seeing the ugly complexion on the Old Madame’s face, QingGe immediately stood up to massage her temples.

The Old Madame’s chronic headaches were caused by all the infighting from her husband’s concubines. Because of this, she’d always been somewhat courteous to QingGe and her mother no matter how much she disliked them. At the same time, the Old Madame had always wanted many grandchildren, yet the main wife still hadn’t given birth to a son. This has caused the Old Madame a lot of upset.

Feeling her headache subsiding she said. “I didn’t think this silly girl would have such good technique, you’ve never massaged me before.”

QingGe smiled and responded. “If grandmother likes it, QingGe will come and massage you everyday. I guarantee grandmother’s headache will go away.”

The Old Madame smiled at these words. “This girl, don’t tell me you actually got more docile after hitting your head?”

QingGe laughed in response. “Grandmother is always making fun of QingGe, QingGe knows she used to be disobedient and would upset grandmother, but that’s only because QingGe was worried about mother’s health.”

Now that the Old Madame’s headache had gone down, she was more willing to talk about this matter.

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“How has your mother been lately?”

“Hmph, she’s still suffering from the lingering effects of being poisoned, mother always tells me not to talk about it, she keeps saying she’ll get better soon but it’s been years and she still isn’t better.”

This was the first time the Old Madame had heard of this, she immediately lifted her head from her hand in shock. 

“What are you talking about? When did this happen? Why didn’t any of us hear anything about this?”

Seeing how concerned the Old Madame was, QingGe decided to continue. “This happened years ago, QingGe was only seven or eight around that time. We were visiting a temple when an old monk diagnosed it. She told us that mother was unable to have any children because she had been poisoned. The old monk said that she could cure mother, but soon after she suddenly died. Mother was never able to find a cure after that, she always told me not to say anything because she didn’t know who the poisoner was.”

The Old Madame finally understood why the first Madame hadn’t been successful in bearing another child. Poison that prevents you from having children…. the obvious suspects were YeHan’s two concubines, other than them, no one else had a motive.

Hearing about the fighting and plotting amongst her son’s wife and concubines, the Old Madame suddenly thought back to her own experiences. She suddenly felt angry for QingGe and her mother.

“What is your mother doing? How could she hide something like this for me? At the very least I could send someone to try and cure her. 


That’s right, have you asked Doctor Fu to look at her? He’s been working forus for quite a while and his skills are quite good.”

QingGe put on a look of hesitation, “But, Doctor Fu was someone that Gao YiNian brought to the estate, mother was also poisoned sometime after he appeared, so……” She trailed off.

The coincidence was undeniable, but the Old Madame couldn’t help but think about her grandson. Ye QingYun was Gao YiNian’s son, he was only eight but was already the eldest male of his generation. The more she thought about it the more she felt bad for her grandson, any misdeeds from Ye QingYun’s mother would also reflect badly on him…

Following this train of thought, the Old Madame decided to keep silent about the matter.


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