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[Chapter 51] Love in Another Life: My Gentle Tyrant

"She will wait for you at BiXia Palace"

YuZhi drops CuiYa off at FengJiu Palace,  the servants there are anxious about XuanJi’s absence until XiaSang drops by to tell them she is staying over at the emperor’s palace. CuiYa marvels at her surroundings and thinks about the interactions with XuanJi that led to her decision to serve her. She sees the little white wolf who had gone missing and tries to catch it for XuanJi. It runs off and CuiYa ends up following the wolf to BiXia Palace where she falls into a dry well. Moments after, the Emperor and his cohorts arrive for his scheduled meeting at with the mystery woman. CuiYa listens in quietly on the events that follow.


“You’ve come.” said a woman’s voice. “I was afraid to come earlier for fear that I would be discovered.”

The Emperor’s voice, “Your safety is the most important, you must always be careful.”

The woman seemed to smile before continuing. “She went to that place again tonight. Your plan worked, the nectar that was rubbed onto Yu KouZi’s attracted the insects coated in powder, they clung onto him immediately. I followed the powder trail before it evaporated and finally found the entrance.”

Her voice became heavier. 

“Who would have thought that there was a hidden chamber beneath HuaYin Palace. I’ll have to find a way to investigate further.”

The Emperor interrupted her thoughts, “No, we’ll be discovered if we become hasty, your safety is still my number one priority.”

“Your majesty…..”

He continued, “If it wasn’t for you, I would have already been killed the night before ascending the throne. Now you are also willing to aid me in saving my mother, if she knew, she would also not want to risk your safety either.

Rescuing my mother is a must, but your safety is also important. If we make even one misstep the entire plan could fall apart. 


I need time to consider our next steps.”

“Understood.” the woman responded, “But… we do have a problem right now.”

“What is it?”

“That day when I sent my servant to pass on a message to you, she was dressed as a eunuch to avoid suspicion. I gave her my embroidered pouch to show you, as proof of my faith in her. That silly girl ended up losing the pouch somewhere. If someone were to find it…” She trailed off.

“I will send XuYan to search immediately, you need not be afraid.”

“If someone really were to see it-----” The woman’s voice held a tremor of fear.

“Then I will kill him.” He said simply.

“En” she said in agreement. The woman paused for several moments before speaking again.

“Your Majesty, I’ve missed you, have you missed me?”


At the bottom of the well, CuiYa was sharply biting into her own fingers to keep silent, she barely even dared to breathe.

WuQi and a young woman are talking by a riverbank. The young woman is concerned about her cousin, Feng Zhan Bai. It is revealed that Feng ZhanBai is actually Bai ZhanFeng, one of the descendants of the Bai family that Long FeiLi is desperately trying to find. ZhanFeng has been unable to forget XuanJi even in his injured state, and continues to call for her in his sleep. The two discuss being followed, and wonder if the men were sent by the royal palace. It seems that the Bai family has a complicated history with them.

Long FeiLi meets with Long XiuWen and Na-Ming TianLang, the two inquire about the assassination attempt at the Nian Residence. Long FeiLi reveals that the man they captured at YanYu Tower ended up being a look alike, and not the assassin they were searching for. 

The conversation was used as a cover by Long FeiLi for his visit to YanYu Tower, he does not want the two to know about XuanJi and YuZhi.


Upon leaving Na-Ming TianLang probes Long XiuWen about the conversation they just had and the reasoning behind it. Long XiuWen questions him back about his intentions behind sending people to search for "Miss Nian".


Translator’s Note: Yu KouZi literally translates to jade button. I’m not translating his name as that because it sounds kind of dumb. It isn’t exactly a normal name in Chinese either, I think it’s meant to indicate that the servants in olden days were almost treated more as objects than people. Their names are given based on their master’s whims and don’t reflect them as individuals.


Translator's Rambling: Hey guys, sorry for the long delay, still busy with moving.

I thought I would at least be able to post once a week, but I ended up scratching my cornea which really messed up my vision for a while (ಥ﹏ಥ). It’s gotten a lot better now so I should be able to update a little more.

On that note, I’ve started to realize that my interest in this story is more out of a desire to know the plotlines than because I enjoy every aspect of it (I’ll be honest I’m not super into angst stories). I’ve read some of the spoilers threads so I have an idea about what’s going on, but I’m still kind of curious about how it all unfolds. We’re about a quarter of the way through the story and I’d really like to complete this translation but sometimes I find it difficult to motivate myself to do so. Going forward, I’m going to go heavier on the summarizations so I don’t burn out translating all the details (don’t worry, I’ll still be translating the angsty and emotional scenes.)

If you’ve ready all the way to here, then thanks for reading my ramblings. This is mostly my way of processing how I want to approach these translations without making it feel like work. 

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