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[Chapter 50] Love in Another Life: My Gentle Tyrant

Chapter 99 and 100 of the Chinese novel.

3 AM in the morning. 

YaoGuang’s inner palace.

YaoGuang had her fists closed tightly around a small strip of paper as she sat on a recliner. A hint of venom could be seen on her beautiful face.

Father had recently sent word, asking if she had gained the emperor’s favor yet and how much confidence she had in turning him against XuanJi. 

She was also instructed to tell the emperor that Minister Nian and his son, Nian SongTing, were constantly fighting with each other and that Nian SongTing was loyal only to the emperor.

Minister Nian had hastily come up with this plan once realized the emperor was suspecting him of colluding with the Huns. He had purposely bad mouthed Nian SongTing in court, publicly creating the narrative that the father and son were at odds with each other. He hoped that the emperor would trust Nian SongTing if he created more distance between them.

YaoGuang bit her lip in frustration, thinking of the incident at ChuXiu Palace.

No, she couldn’t tell father that the emperor was favoring XuanJi. If he knew, he would surely call her useless.
Her looks and intellect were all above XuanJi, how could she lose to her? She was determined to make a comeback and defeat XuanJi.

This handsome man who stood above all others must become hers!

--Translation by, if you are reading it elsewhere then it was stolen--

3 AM in the morning.

ChuXiu Palace.

The candles outside cast a dim glow over the room. The man gently lifted the woman resting on his shoulder and placed her head on the pillow. He glanced at her, then pressed her sleep acupoint.

The woman let out a small sound then fell even deeper into sleep.

The man pulled the blankets over her, covering the large swaths of naked skin peeking through her clothes. Then he righted himself and walked out.

Three men were standing outside the crystal curtain. XuXi, XiaSang, and QingFeng.

“XiaSang, do you have any news on Feng ZhanBo yet?”

A look of hesitation flashed across XiaSang’s eyes.

“It’s as if that man has disappeared into thin air. The spies sent after him have yet to find anything.”

Long FeiLi’s voice was coated in ice.

“Take heed, I want news on him no matter what!”

Thinking about what happened at YanYu tower, XiaSang responded.

“This servant understands.”

XuXi stepped forward.

“Your Majesty, many of the spies we’ve sent out have returned in failure. No one has been able to find the descendants of the Bai family.”

Long FeiLi furrowed his brows.

“How many groups are left?”

“Only one.” XuXi said quietly.

“Hm” Turning towards QingFeng, Long FeiLi instructed:

“In five days, if we are still unable to find any news on the Bai family, go to Minister Xia’s residence and bring Ning JunWang to me in secret.”


At this moment, XuXi stepped forward again.

“Your Majesty ,there has been word from the lady.”

XiaSang and QingFeng exchanged glances, both their faces covered with surprised glee.

Long FeiLi’s gaze quivered slightly.

“What time?”

“4 AM, she will wait for you at BiXia Palace.”

Translator’s note

“He glanced at her, then pressed her sleep acupoint.”

Not sure if the word I’m using is the best way to translate this, but “acupoints” or “acupressure points” is a concept in Chinese medicine that is often seen in martial arts or WuXia stories. The idea is that people have pressure points all over their bodies that can induce a variety of conditions from drowsiness to pain production to curing diseases and disorders. 

Wuxia stories will often exaggerate the effect. Most commonly, pressing the right acupoint can even paralyze someone for a few hours.

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So please please please everyone do your best to wash your hands often and practice social distancing. If you are able to, please work from home or try to reduce your contact with large groups of people. 

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