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[Chapter 6.2] Reborn, I Became a Male God

Business was booming at the bar, it was originally supposed to close at 2 AM but the customers refused to leave. Closing time ended up being extended by an hour, and then by another half hour before they could persuade everyone to leave.

While everyone else was cleaning up, DongGe brought JingLing over to the break room to close out. 

“Your daily wage is 120RMB, you get an additional sales commission of 2,850RMB, I’ll round it up for you to 3,000RMB, would you prefer cash or wire transfer?”

As discussed, his base wage was 120RMB a day and he’d also receive a 5% commission for high end alcohol, this means JingLing was able to sell 57k RMB worth of top tier drinks alone in one night. Within Yun City, this level of sales was already unheard of.

90% of the 57K came from VIP customers. Miss Zhang was the one of them, but Miss Rong also came by afterwards. Because of the debacle with Miss Zhang, DongGe explained JingLing’s situation to Miss Rong before introducing them to avoid another awkward interaction. Miss Rong was very understanding and decided to sit at the bar with the rest of the customers. She flirted a little with JingLing and asked him to sing her a song, JingLing played along dutifully,  afterwards she bought an expensive bottle and treated everyone at the bar.

“I’ll take cash, I didn’t bring my bank card today.” JingLing purposely worded the response in an ambiguous way.

Hearing this, DongGe was even more certain of their theory. JingLing was obviously a rich kid who ran away from home to get a taste of commoner life. He was probably looking for a job because his parents had cut his credit cards.

“Alright!” DongGe swiftly counted out 3000 RMB worth of bills and handed them to JingLing. Then he casually asked “Oh right, JingLing you look pretty young, are you of age yet? Did you bring your ID with you?”

“Thanks” JingLing responded as he accepted the money. “I’m of age, but I forgot my ID today, I’ll bring it next time. DongGe, why are you suddenly asking about this now?”

His reaction was exactly what Miss Zhang predicted. DongGe was now sure of their guess.

“No reason, I was just wondering. You know har bars are, if someone were to start asking questions there could be some trouble.”

Around 4 AM the bar closed down and everyone left to go home.

The sun wasn’t even up yet so JingLing decided to rent out a room at a nearby inn. He rinsed off and took a quick nap. Around 8 AM he checked out of the room and went home.

By the time he was done with his commute, it was already around 1 PM.

The sun was out and the weather was perfect today. JingQiu was using this chance to clean out all of the sheets in the house. When JingLing got home, JingQiu was just about to hang some clothes to dry.

“Sis, get down, I’ll hang them for you.”

JingQiu turned back towards him. Due to the sudden movement, she lost her footing and started falling back. JingLing hurriedly moved over and caught her before she fell. The scene was reminiscent of a prince catching his princess.

He put her down and asked, “Are you alright?”

JingQiu was a little embarrassed, 

“I’m alright.

Did you have fun hanging out with your friends?” 

“I’ll tell you later.” As he spoke, JingLing reached over and started hanging up the wet sheets. After they were done, the two sat beneath the eaves and JingLing confessed about what he was really doing.

JingQiu was both touched and upset. She didn’t think of bars as a good environment for kids, what if he got hurt working there?

JingLing was eventually able to convince her to let him continue working. He painted a beautiful picture of the life they would be able to live in the future.

“I’ll only work for half a month, once the test scores come out I’ll quit and we can go to DiDou to start house hunting. That way we’ll be able to move over as soon as I get my acceptance letter.”

JingQiu harrumphed, “The scores aren’t even out yet, how are you so sure you’ll get into DiDou University?!”

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Half a month passed by very quickly, once the time was over, JingLing collected his last paycheck and bid DongGe goodbye. DongGe made a few attempts to keep him there but gave up when he saw JingLing’s conviction.

The exam results came back soon after, Jingling scored a 698 out of 750. This number was within the scope of the previous JingLing’s scores. JingLing had also done some research on average test scores from the previous few years before taking the test. In the end the numbers played out as he expected. This year, only 3 people were able to score above a 700, and JingLing’s 698 landed him in 6th place.

Despite his research, this score was still considered extraordinary in the small town he lived in. His teacher and fellow students were all shocked.

JingQiu was also completely dazed, she was almost afraid to believe it, it felt like she was dreaming.

The only person who was calm was JingLing, as soon as he found out the scores he started thinking about how to fill out his entry application.

But before he could even start, something happened that changed everything. JiangShao, the man that accused JingLing of swindling him when he first came to this world suddenly came knocking on his door.

Unaware of the situation, JingQiu welcomed him in, thinking he was JingLing’s guest.

“What are you doing here?” JingLing didn’t mince words.

JiangShao felt a little embarrassed about the situation too.

“Um.. well, my little sister wanted you to invite you to act in a TV series.”


Translator’s note: 
The RMB to USD conversion is a little over 7RMB=1USD, so the 3000RMB JingLing earned in one night comes out to be about 430USD. Assuming he works 6 days a week with no PTO, this would equate to an annual salary of ~130K USD. I’d definitely settle for that annual salary but it looks like our MC is gonna move on to bigger and better things soon.

Not gonna lie, I completely forgot who JiangShao was at first. The Chinese text just said that he showed up before the exams, I had to go back to XtraWhippedCream’s translation of the first two chapters to jog my memory.

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