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[Chapter 5.2] The Special Agent Princess

Cold Poison [Part II]

Thinking of her grandson the Old Madame decided not to pursue the matter.

QingGe didn’t really expect her to do anything, she just wanted the Old Madame to feel a bit of pity for her mother and feel a twinge of guilt next time she gave Gao YiNiang any preferential treatment. That would be enough for now.

The next thing she needed to do was to cure her mother. This type of cold poison was slow acting, but effective once it takes root. Afterwards, the poison will slowly accumulate with prolonged use and start to take a toll on the body.

QingGe continued to massage the Old Madame until Zhang MaMa came in to deliver the Old Madame’s meal. 

“Grandmother, I’ll go and keep my mother company now, you enjoy your meal.”

Still feeling a little guilty about her decision, she said, “Alright, you go ahead, take good care of your mother, if nothing works you should go with her and find another doctor.”

QingGe sneered inwardly as she showed a look of gratitude. “Thank you grandmother, mother always said that grandmother was very kind, it seems like she was right, QingGe will definitely come visit you frequently.”

The Old Madame felt more ashamed when she heard these words. “Go ahead, hurry up and go spend some time with your mother.”

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After leaving, QingGe headed straight to her mother’s Hibiscus Courtyard, where she was about to start her meal. 

“Mother, QingGe is here to eat with you.”

As she spoke, she glanced at the dishes on the table, the ingredients were all plain and unappetizing.

“Why are you out of bed so soon? Shouldn’t you rest a little more?” Madame Ye asked.

ZhiLan could barely hold back a laugh. Seeing this Madame Ye asked, “what is it, did something happen?”

QingGe calmly gave her mother a brief retelling of what happened at the Old Madame’s courtyard, focusing on what happened to Sun MaMa. ZhiLan looked like she wanted to say something but QingGe gave her a look to silence her. She didn’t know the truth about Madame Ye being poisoned, she had probably assumed it was a lie QingGe told to the Old Madame.

QingGe had already felt her mother’s pulse while talking to her. She could tell that the poison had been in her body for about five years. Coincidentally, Doctor Fu had become the resident doctor six years ago.

Although she knew all this, no one would believe her now. She would have to find an excuse to bring her mother to a doctor and have him confirm. They could also buy some medicine while they are out. In the meantime, she wanted to find out who poisoned her mother.

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