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[Chapter 52] Love in Another Life: My Gentle Tyrant

This was XuanJi’s fourth morning at ChuXiu Palace

Inside the bedroom the curtains around the bed were slightly open, the man sat shirtless on the bed. A small head poked out and then plopped itself on the man’s thigh, her hair spilling over his legs.

The man had a faint smile on his lips.

“Long FeiLi, lower your head, let me help you brush your hair.”

XuanJi squinted the sleep from her eyes. She knew that he woke her up because he wanted her to tidy his hair.

He was both her husband and not her husband, if you were to ask if he loved her…. She was both his wife and not his wife, even if she were to love him, what did that matter, he had many women available to him.

“Mm” Long FeiLi uttered in acknowledgement, he wrapped his arms around her and placed her upright on his leg.

XuanJi was still not fully awake, as soon as her head rested on his chest, she couldn’t help but move to a more comfortable position. Her hands wrapped around his neck as she immediately fell back to sleep.

Long FeiLi’s eyes flashed and he held her nose closed.

XuanJi woke up again, panting for air. However her mouth was immediately covered by a warm kiss.

“I want to sleep.” she sulked.

“You haven’t brushed my hair yet.” The man replied calmly.

“Brush it yourself, ask XuYan and XiaSang to do it, or ask a palace maid.”

As she spoke, she broke free and crawled back towards the bed. “I won’t be the one doing it in the future anyways, might as well just forget about it now.”

She was almost back in bed when a strong hand gripped her ankles and she was pulled back into his embrace.

“What do you mean by that?”

“I want to sleep, you need to go to morning court, we should go our separate ways for now.”

“I’m asking, what you meant just now.”

His strong grip was hurting her, angry, XuanJi opened her eyes and aimed a kick at him. Her ankle was captured again before she could even land a hit.

“The human body has many acupoints, one of which is called the laughter acupoint.”

Long FeiLi’s voice was very calm and soft.

“The laughter acupoint?”


“Oh.” XuanJi was still fuzzy from sleep, if he wasn’t going to let go of her, then she’ll just sleep here. She curled up against his chest, playing coy she closed her eyes again to prevent him from questioning her.

She really couldn’t understand what was going on between the two of them. Ever since that night, she had been tortured by him for three days straight. After spending all night together he would go to morning court, when he returned she would still be sleeping, he would scoop her up again and continue. This man...did he want to kill her?

FengJiu Palace’s punishment had been resolved, but her request for YuZhi. He had said she would have to repay him with her body, she would stay here until he was tired of her.

When would he be tired of her?

He had said he would be done after a few times, it wouldn’t take long, and she had foolishly believed him.

That resulted in three nights of torture.

After all this time with him, her body had been trained to be more sensitive. She gasped when he slid his hand over her body. His voice whispered in her ear.

“This is the laughter acupoint, I’ll be back in four hours to undo it.”

The hand that was on her body started to press down.

XuanJing immediately woke up and stammered.

“Your Majesty, this consort will help you get dressed.”

His gaze fell on her face.

“Before that, answer my question.”

XuanJi turned her head and said softly. “You were the one who said it, you’ll grow tired of me eventually, you can have any woman you want, someone else will be brushing your hair in the future.”

She pulled away from him and stepped barefoot onto the ground. The coolness from the floor cleared the remaining sleep from her head as she walked away from the bed.

“I don’t understand, what are you so upset about?”

She heard the sound of footsteps from behind her as the crystal curtain was swung forcefully aside.

XuanJi smiled bitterly and sat on the floor, head buried in her arms.

Long FeiLi, what is wrong with you, why must you force me to love you if you do not love me?

XuanJi crawled back onto the bed, she tossed and turned for a while unable to sleep. She couldn’t help but react to his lingering scent.

It was already Summer, would she ever let her leave his palace again? She couldn’t stay here forever, he would drive her crazy. But if she were to leave by herself, what would happen to the servants in FengJiu Palace?

Her heart began to ache when a thought suddenly hit her. What if she had something that could guarantee FengJiu Palace’s safety.

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Consort An and YaoGuang arrive with the excuse of bringing food to the emperor. Not wanting to be around them, XuanJi leaves the inner palace and finds a place to sit down.


“Nian XuanJi, what are you doing here?”

XuanJi looked up, she didn’t know how long Long FeiLi had been standing there. There was a slight darkness on his face.

XuanJi’s legs were weak from sitting too long, she wobbled as she stood up, but her waist was wrapped in a tight embrace before she could fall over.

She tugged on his robe and said, “Long FeiLi, I don’t feel so well, why don’t you let me go back to FengJiu Palace to rest?”

While walking back to the palace, Long FeiLi had seen XuanJi sitting on the steps from afar. The dark look in her eyes when she saw him had already caused him to feel displeased.

“Why are you sitting out here if you don’t feel well?”

XuanJi pouted, “There are people looking for you inside, how am I supposed to go in and rest?”

Tired of arguing with her, he lifted her in his arms and headed inside.

“Who is looking for me?” He asked her.

As he stepped inside, Consort An and YaoGuang both stood up excitedly. Their happy expressions quickly turned to shock when they saw who was in his arms.

“This consort greets your majesty.” they said in unison.

“Who let you two in here?” Long FeiLi said coldly.

His eyes glanced over to the food platters on the table.

“Take your things and get out of my sight!”

No one expected him to react this way. The two women were both shocked and terrified, afraid to say another word, they glared at XuanJi and left with their offerings.


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