Saturday, April 11, 2020

[Chapter 53] Love in Another Life: My Gentle Tyrant

XuanJi let out a small smile.

Still in a bad mood, Long FeiLi walked towards the bedroom without another word. As he placed her on the bed he noticed how warm her body was. He reached out a hand to feel her forehead.

“What are you smiling about?

XuanJi smiled even wider. 

“Why are you always asking me that? What’s wrong with smiling? Do you want me to be crying in front of you all day instead?”

Long FeiLi held her chin, “Answer my question.”

“I’m laughing at Consort An and YaoGuang’s humiliation today. I’ve experienced it before too, I wonder when it will be my turn again?”

Long FeiLi responded coldly. “Nian XuanJi, haven’t I been treating you well? You purposely let them in knowing it would anger me. Weren’t you just waiting to see it play out?”

XuanJi froze.


You think I did it on purpose?”

Long FeiLi’s eyes turned cold as ice.

XuanJi’s entire body trembled with rage. “Fine! Fine, if that’s the case, why are you still keeping me here?”

She smiled coldly at him and broke free from his embrace to leave. Before even reaching the crystal curtain, she was forcefully grabbed and tossed onto the bed.

She struggled to get up but her hands were pinned tightly over her head as he pressed his body against her.

She knew he was truly angry this time. She felt a pang of fear, the eyes that were about to glare resolutely at him suddenly didn’t have the courage to look up.

“Long FeiLi, YuZhi is your sister, if you don’t care about her happiness then I can’t do anything either! I was crazy to involve myself with this.”

She turned her head and struggled some more.

“You can marry her off to a polar bear in the north pole for all I care! I just want to go back to being an abandoned concubine in my cold palace!”


The sound startled her. Long FeiLi had smashed the headboard in his rage, the decorative dragon was in pieces, the chunks that remained were scattered all over the floor.

“Nian XuanJi, tell me what your demands are! What more do you need before you’ll quietly be my woman! I will give it all to you!”

XuanJi froze, what did he mean by that?

Long FeiLi grabbed her by the chin and forced her to look at him. He stared deeply into her eyes, his gaze looked as if it was holding back flames.

She laughed bitterly, 

“Long FeiLi, first of all, I wasn’t scheming anything. I don’t care if you believe me or not, I only let them in because you despise jealous women and I no longer want to be a jealous woman.”

His hands stiffened slightly.

“Second, your love isn’t something that I’m good enough for, it’s also something you are unlikely to give, even if you were to give it, it wouldn’t be to me. This consort is very aware of that fact.

Third, we can’t go back. Just like you said before, who you love is not my concern, but why did you have to find your way to my sister’s bed on that particular night?”

It had been a long time since she had wept. The night before leaving the palace, YuZhi had told her, grief is worse than death, and she had resolved to forget her sorrow.

But now, the tears were springing unbidden from her eyes.

Long LiFei looked down at her tear stricken face and he seemed to lose his focus for a moment.

He let go of her chin and pulled her into his embrace. 

“XiaoQi.” he sighed

XuanJi’s body stiffened, he had only ever called her that when they were embroiled in passion. A wave of terror suddenly washed over her, he couldn’t call her that. This unfamiliar sense of closeness felt suffocating. This man...she couldn’t keep doing this with him, she would really go insane if this continued

As she quivered in his embrace, he spoke quietly in her ear. “I won’t ever touch Nian YaoGuang again, never again.”

XuanJi continued to shake. Did he understand what he was saying? This kind of promise was meaningless to her…

“Don’t call me XiaoQi.” A surge of anger welled up inside her as she forcefully pushed him away and ran out of the room.

Long FeiLi stood up immediately, but stopped himself from chasing after her. He turned to look at the bed frame and let out a derisive laugh.

He had lost control, to the point where he had almost told her the truth. 

That night, the man in YaoGuang’s bed wasn’t him.


I’m really glad that XuanJi is standing up for herself a little more. Even though I understand Long FeiLi’s hesitation at telling her the truth, I’m still proud of her for saying no to be disrespected.

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