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[Chapter 54] Love in Another Life: My Gentle Tyrant


XuanJi returns to FengJiu Palace to find that Long FeiLi has sent over all of her favorite dishes.. XuanJi goes back to her room to rest while CuiYa heats up the food. YuZhi had come by earlier to give XuanJi her book back, but wasn’t able to find her so she left it with DieFeng. The book is completely blank until the words “searching for the war god Bai ZhanFeng” slowly appear back on the pages. 

CuiYa enters the room to serve XuanJi her food and once again proclaims her devotion. CuiYa notices the embroidered pouch that XuanJi picked up and accidentally reveals that she knows what the emperor’s true name is., “YouZhi”. XuanJi is shocked that she knows this and presses her until CuiYa explains everything that she heard that night in the dry well. Stunned, XuanJi decides that it’s safer to keep the pouch hidden away rather than to toss it somewhere. CuiYa also reveals that she knows the emperor and the mystery woman plan to meet up again tomorrow.

That night, the emperor chooses to visit Consort Hui’s room but leaves before even touching her.


XuanJi wakes up early and goes for a walk in the garden. She happens to see the empress and several other consorts there discussing the presents they had prepared for the emperor’s birthday. They corner her asking what she had prepared for him. Consort An takes the opportunity to trip her using YaoGuang’s servant.


The discussion at morning court about the recent natural disasters ended with the emperor in rage. Afterwards, Long FeiLi speaks privately with his confidantes to discuss how they want to deal with Minister Nian and the Dowager Empress. A eunuch suddenly comes running in.


“Your Majesty, Consort Nian has just fallen into the water, she was rescued late and is barely clinging on to life.”


Stunned silence.

“Which Consort Nian?”

Before the eunuch could respond, Long FeiLi had already stood up and started walking towards FengJiu Palace.

FengJiu Palace.

When Long FeiLi entered, there was already a crowd of consorts and concubines. They immediately bowed in greeting when they saw him arrive.

The emperor waved his hand, motioning them to rise, then turned to look at the empress.

Her face was full of concern as she spoke. “ Your Majesty, it was my fault for not taking care of her. Consort Nian noticed that XuanJi was feeling unwell so she instructed her servant to support her. Who knew that clumsy girl would end up knocking her into the water.”

Long FeiLi clenched his fists tightly beneath his sleeves as he turned to look coldly at YaoGuang. 

YaoGuang’s face was covered in tears as she dropped to her knees. “Your Majesty, this consort had no ill will, that servant…”

She was kicked aside by Long FeiLi before she could even finish.

“If anything happens to Nian XuanJi then you and all of your servants will die with her.”

Hiding in the back, Consort An tried to suppress a sinister smile.

Shocked, YaoGuang tried to plead with Long FeiLi again but he walked past her without a second glance.

“Where is that servant?”

The guards standing behind the Empress dragged XiaoLin towards him in reponse. 

Her face was pale and her entire body was quivering in fear. “I didn’t do it on purpose, I really didn’t do it on purpose....”

At this moment, DieFeng burst out and started beating XiaoLin.

“You wrench! If you hadn’t been clinging onto Consort Nian’s neck then she would have been able to swim to shore by herself. Even when the servants went down to save her they had to pry you off of her first!”

Long FeiLi broke out into rage. “XiaSang, death by beating.”

XiaSang reacted immediately and waved to the two guards behind him. XiaoLin was dragged kicking and screaming out of the courtyard.

YaoGuang sank to the ground in fear as she watched her get dragged away.

Long FeiLi’s voice was heavy with anger.

 “Everyone get out of my sight!”

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