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[Chapter 55] Love in Another Life: My Gentle Tyrant

“Everyone get out of my sight!”

The emperor was emanating cold energy, afraid to say another word, everyone immediately retreated.

Long FeiLi walked quickly into the inner chamber.

Doctor Cui had already instructed everyone to stay out and no one dared to ignore her orders. All of the servants in FengJiu Palace were standing anxiously outside the room with eyes full of grief. Seeing the emperor enter the room, DieFeng could only stand aside and silently wipe away her tears.

QingFeng made as if to follow, but XiaSang quickly stepped in front of him. 

“QingFeng, where are you going?”

He paused and glared coldly towards XiaSang. Without making another sound, he turned and left.

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The words she said to him yesterday still rang in Long FeiLi’s ears, but today she was barely clinging on to life.

“Don’t call me XiaoQi!”

He took his eyes off of her for only one moment and she immediately got into trouble again.

Long FeiLi clenched his fist as his heart raged. Nian XuanJi you really are a magnet for trouble!

Next to the bed, CuiYa was kneeling on the ground crying and begging. 

“Auntie, you have to save NiangNiang* life’s!”

*NiangNiang is the way servants can refer to the concubines/consorts of the emperor.

Doctor Cui furrowed her brows as she tried her best to CuiYa up.

“The situation before was a little dangerous, there shouldn’t be any problems now, but….”

A cold voice came from behind her.

“But what?”

Doctor Cui and CuiYa were both startled, the two scrambled to kneel before him.

“This servant did not realize his majesty was here.”

“I asked, what is wrong with Consort Nian?”

Long FeiLi looked towards the pale faced woman lying in bed. Although his voice was calm on the surface, there was a hint of anger beneath it.

“Your Majesty, she….” The doctor’s voice trembled and her eyes had a glint of fear in them as they darted around.

Anxious for an answer, Long FeiLi turned towards CuiYa.


Unwilling, CuiYa gazed over at XuanJi many times before finally exiting the room. The door closed with a light sound behind her.


Doctor Cui immediately fell to the ground and lowered her head. 

“This servant is guilty!”

The thought of XuanJi being hurt caused his entire heart to twist up, his hands felt cold as his entire body suddenly lost all of its energy.

“Answer me!”

Doctor Cui responded through clenched teeth.

“Your Majesty, NiangNiang’s body is doing well now, but.. but… she’s pregnant! Calculating the dates, it was conceived while she was staying at your courtyard.”

Long FeiLi’s entire body froze, for the first time in his life, this brilliant young strategist couldn’t think of anything, his mind was entirely blank.

His inner palace was not as full as past emperors, but he still had many concubines. All these years, not a single one of them has been pregnant. Many rumors circulated in and out of the palace about this, but no one knew the true reason. The lack of children was due entirely to the emperor’s own machinations.

A certain plant grew in the palace of every consort in the palace, it’s name was ZiXi* and it was introduced from a small country in the west called YunYang. The beautiful flower’s name had another meaning however, the proper interpretation of ZiXi was “without child, to extinguish.”


Translator’s note: ZiXi is a play on words, the name of the flower can also be pronounced to mean “ending the lineage”.

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  1. Wait a second. So, so, so... He's infertile? aAahHh That makes sense why in the way beginning of the story. I see I see
    Many thanks

    1. He's not infertile, he's the one making his concubines unable to conceive, which I assume he's doing as a precaution against his enemies.

  2. The question is whether this child will survive. Normally this would be a celebrate thing for the emperor but with the current situations in the palace, I feel like she won't be able to keep this child.

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