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[Chapter 6.1] Reborn, I Became a Male God

“If there isn’t anything else you need then I’ll need to go attend to the other customers”

With that, JingLing turned around to leave.


“Little boy, I think you’re a little confused. I only brought you here because I heard your bartending skills were good, what did you think I was going to do to you?”

JingLing turned back around and apologized without any hesitation, even his tone of voice was adjusted appropriately.

“If that’s the case, then I’ve misunderstood Miss Zhang, I apologize and hope you can forgive me.

I’ll take my leave now if I’m no longer needed, there are still customers waiting by the bar.”

After he spoke, he turned and left the room.

This time, Miss Zhang watched him silently until he was out of sight. After he left, she picked up her phone and called DongGe.

“Come here.”

Within a minute, DongGe had arrived, he knocked lightly on the door and entered with her approval.

“Miss Zhang, do you need anything?”

He didn’t know what happened, but when he passed by JingLing on the way up, JingLing had casually said, 

“Miss Zhang might not be in a good mood right now, DongGe you should attend to her carefully.”

DongGe’s entire body froze. 

What does “not in a good mood” mean?
What does “attend to her carefully” mean?

JingLing walked away after dropping a bomb, and now he had to go up and smooth it over after receiving her call.

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Miss Zhang pointed to the seat next to her.


DongGe sat down carefully next to her.

Miss Zhang pulled a cigarette from her bag and placed it in her mouth. DongGe reacted quickly and helped her light the cigarette. She inhaled deeply and let out a puff of smoke before speaking.

“Where did you find this kid?”

DongGe felt a hint of dread in his chest, he timidly asked. “Did JingLing do something to upset you? I apologize if he did, he only just started today, he doesn’t understand any of the rules, please forgive him!”

In this circumstance, DongGe felt that no matter what, apologizing first would be the right way to go.

“Stop wasting your breath and answer me, where did you find him?”

DongGe was a little confused, but explained how JingLingwas hired.

“He said that the position had to pay daily, he probably just really needs money right now.”

“Needs money?” Miss Zhang snorted.

“DongGe are your eyes alright? You can tell from his demeanor that he didn’t have an average upbringing. Do you know what he said to me just now? 

‘You’re very beautiful but you’re not my type.’ 

He knew what I was thinking before I even said anything. When I told him he made a mistake, he apologized without skipping a beat. 

For someone his age to be able to do that, he can’t be a normal person. Did you look into his background? Is he of age yet? Where is he from?”

At the time, DongGe was only focused on getting JingLing to work for him, he had completely forgotten about doing a background check.

DongGe scratched his head in confusion, “You think he’s some rich kid who ran away from home? But the clothes he was wearing today were very average. 

I haven’t had a chance to look at his identification yet. I can go ask him now.”

Miss Zhang waved her hand at him, “Get out of here, do you even have a brain? Why didn’t you ask earlier? Do you know how suspicious you’d look now if you suddenly ask for it now?”

“Then what should I do?”

“Just forget about it, let’s just pretend this never happened.”

She understood DongGe’s personality, he must have told JingLing she was a VIP before bringing him up, but the boy had seemed completely unflustered. 

A person’s looks were based on genetics, but their disposition could only be developed iwth time. Someone with that kind of air had to come from a wealthy family. 

Miss Zhang was pretty familiar with the big families within Yun City, but she had never heard of the Jing family or of a youth that matched his description. JingLing had to be from outside Yun City.

“What a pity.” If he was an ordinary kid, she would definitely make him hers, but it’s better not to touch someone with an unknown background.

What Miss Zhang didn’t know was that this was all within JingLing’s calculations. After visiting so many worlds, JingLing had experienced that kind of gaze before and he wanted nothing to do with it.


I’m starting to forget that JingLing started off as a girl, the novel doesn’t bring it up that much anymore. They’ve been focusing more on his looks and his disposition because it helps his role as the perfect male lead.

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