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[Chapter 6.1] The Special Agent Princess

Seeking a Doctor [Part I]

“She wanted to find out who poisoned her mother.”

Although that was what she was thinking, QingGe couldn’t find anything wrong with the dishes her mother was eating. It seems the poisoner was more discreet than she thought. After lunch, QingGe could tell that her mother was tired, despite this, she still needed to take her to the doctor.

“Mom, I want you to go with me to find a doctor, after I’ve had a splitting headache ever since I woke up, I want to go now can you come with me?”

Madame Ye was indeed a little tired, but once she heard her daughter was feeling unwell she immediately felt concerned. “What? Why is your head hurting? I thought you said you felt better?”

“Mom, you know that Doctor Fu works for Gao YiNiang, the medicine he prescribed for me didn’t do anything. Who knows if he added something extra to it, mom can you come with me to find a doctor? I’ve already talked to Grandmother and she’s allowed it.”

Since the Old Madame had already agreed, Madame Ye instructed the servants to prepare the carriage. As soon as the mother and daughter left, one of the servants went to Gao YiNiang’s courtyard to inform her. 

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Gao YiNiang was wearing a light purple dress, her hair was adorned simply with a single pearl inlaid jade hairpin. Her face had only a light layer of powder on it, she gave off an elegant and ethereal impression.

After rewarding the informant and sending her off, Gao YiNiang turned to her old nursemaid.

“QianShi, what do you think this pair is up to? She’s only just woken up and they are already leaving the estate.”

QianShi had helped Gao YiNiang plot each step of the way, hearing her question she responded.

 “YiNiang relax, my goddaughter is the sister-in-law of the carriage driver. Once they come back I’ll ask her to find out. 

Aren’t you familiar with the Third Miss’s personality by now? Madame Ye is tired from taking care of her day and night, but Third Miss wants to drag her outside to play as soon as she wakes up. What a troublesome child.”

Gao YiNiang smiled and nodded, “You’re right, having a daughter like that by her side really makes our job a lot easier.”

With that, she changed the topic. “The day after tomorrow, at the feast, you have to attend carefully to XueJier, make sure to keep an eye on YuJier too.”

“YiNiang, you don’t need to be so humble, even though she’s young, our XueJier is already wise beyond her years and well known for her talents. 

YuJier might be a little playful, but she’s also very intelligent, she definitely won’t say anything inappropriate to embarass you. YiNiang you just wait, these two girls will definitely be very accomplished in the future.”

Hearing the praises, Gao YiNiang really started to believe that her daughters were gods among men, she was sure they would have good lives in the future.

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