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[Chapter 6.2] The Special Agent Princess

Seeking a Doctor [Part II]

Meanwhile, QingGe instructed the carriage driver to take them to a doctor in the far west. In the capital, everyone knew about the districts of the capital.

In the East lived people with power,
in the South lived people with wealth,
in the North lived the commoners,
and in the West were the slums.

Only QingGe knew that there was a doctor deep in the West with incredible medical skill. Due to his eccentricity, he preferred to only treat poor people. He would demand a mountain of gold from anyone with a sliver of wealth but would treat the poor for free. QingGe had heard about him in her first life while living in the palace.

When the carriage driver pulled up, a kid ran out from the house and immediately started trying to chase them off.

“Get out, get out, we don’t cater to the wealthy here. Get your carriage out of here, stop blocking the way and preventing us from doing business!”

Madame Ye wrinkled her brow, “QingGe, why don;t we switch to a different clinic? This area is a little…”

QingGe gently patted her hand and said, “No need to panic mother.”

Then she turned to the kid and shouted “Go inside and tell them I want bamboo leaves for three grams of gold, bamboo pitch for 50 grams of gold, and wild grass for 5 grams of gold. You can come back and chase us away after you relay what I’ve said.”

Hearing her tone of voice, the little guy decided to go inside and pass on the message. 

Inside the room, A man of about forty was sitting at the table, this was the doctor, Bai XiaoRao. He wore scholar’s robes in a light taupe color. Calligraphy style bamboo patterns were stitched onto his long sleeves. His good looks and elegant dress made him look like a dashing older gentleman. He looked nothing like a doctor, as he sat leisurely in the sitting room while sipping wine.

After hearing the message, he immediately sat up, “Go invite the patient inside.”

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Bai XiaoRao eyed the mother and daughter as they came in. The woman was wearing a purple brocade dress paired with pearls. Her black hair was piled on her head into an elegant knot. The precious stones that hung from her ear swayed as she stepped gracefully into the room. This was obviously the wife of a wealthy official.

The doctor then looked over to the girl supporting her. She looked about twelve and was wearing a pale blue dress and a white shawl. The girl had clear skin and delicate features, there was a look of playfulness to her expressions, she would surely grow up to be a beauty. Why would these two be in a place like this?

“Who is my patient today?”

Madame Ye was about to respond when QingGe pulled her over to the chair.

“Why don’t you take a look at my mother first, tell us if you discover anything, there is no need to fear.”

Doctor Bai looked at her for a moment before responding.

“Alright, please give me your hand.”

Madame Ye thought that QingGe must have been too shy and wanted her to go first so she played along and gave him her hand. Bai XiaoRao lightly felt Madame Ye’s pulse before saying.

“Let’s switch to the other hand.”

Madame Ye felt a little anxious at this response but stretched out her other hand for him.

After a moment, Bai XiaoRao finally let go of her hand and sat back. He looked at QingGe, trying to size her up, there was something different about this girl.

Seeing his gaze, QingGe stared back at him. “What are you looking at me for, Doctor Bai? If you have something to say then just say it.”

Bai XiaoRao sighed and responded.

“Madame has been heavily poisoned for five years now. The effects of the poison will prevent you from bearing any children, but will leave you looking healthy and full of vitality. 

“Cough, cough.”

Hearing the cough, Bai XiaoRao stopped speaking. Madame Ye was completely in shock from the news. She sat in a daze, trying to process what she just heard. She had been poisoned for five years now? No wonder she wasn’t able to conceive, five years?

Seeing her reaction, QingGe immediately spoke up.

“Mother, what’s wrong? Are you alright? You can relax, the doctor will definitely be able to cure you, isn’t that right Doctor Bai?”


Translator’s note: was having trouble translating Doctor Bai’s description from Chinese, but basically they’re calling him the ancient Chinese version of Daddy as Fu--. I’m hoping he doesn’t end up becoming a love interest, because I’m not that into age gap relationships this big.

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