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[Chapter 7] Reborn, I Became a Male God

Been away for a while so giving you guys a long chapter today.
“My little sister wants you to be in a TV series..”

“I think I misheard, can you say that again?”

A TV series? What kind of joke is that? There were so many people trying to make it in the entertainment industry, why would they need to go ask a stranger that they’ve only met once?!

Embarrassed, JiangShao repeated himself again, “My little sister wants you to be in a TV series.”

JiangShao’s little sister was named Jiang SiJin, their family had become successful throughout the years by investing in the oil business. For some reason, JiangShao’s generation were all boys. His baby sister has been the first and only girl amongst all of his siblings and cousins, because of this, she had been doted on and spoiled her entire life.

Jiang SiJin, 20 years old, was attending her second year at DiDou University. One day, she decided to publish a novel online for fun, who knew that the story would receive so much attention. Although she didn’t care about the money, she liked interacting with her fans.

In the beginning of the year, a drama was shot based on a webnovel written by someone from LuJiangWen city. The drama ended up being wildly popular and several other dramas were created based on popular webnovels. Jiang SiJin had ignored all of this until one of her fans asked her about the possibility of her book becoming a drama. Although it was just an innocent question, some clown had popped up to insult the book, saying such a garbage book could never become a drama. This started a flame war amongst the online fan community.

The two commenters went back and forth all night arguing. After Jiang SiJin finished reading the thousand or so comments she responded with only one sentence.

“Apologies, unfortunately this garbage book was purchased for adaptation.”

And thus, the argument that had subsided suddenly started up again. Jiang SiJin however, no longer paid it any attention.

The message she left at 9PM had already made headlines by noon of the next day. 

“Online Novel by Jiang SiJin Purchased to be Adapted.”

All of the readers online were completely taken by surprise. The instigator of the fight however, still would not back down. 

“So what if it got bought up, television companies are always buying up these kind of books, it was just dumb luck, I doubt it’ll ever actually get adapted.”

Before the comment war could start again, Jiang SiJin replied with another short sentence.

“Apologies, this garbage novel is currently in the middle of scripting.”

With that, the clown finally shut up.

A few weeks later the script was out, but the hardest part was still not done, the casting. The story was a pretty generic Chinese historical drama, but the particular casting needs were difficult to meet. The male lead especially was the most trouble. It felt like there wasn’t a single person in the entertainment industry that was fit for the role----

“Apologies, can you focus on the important point?” JingLing abruptly stopped JiangShao’s long exposition.

“ What kind of male lead is this that you aren’t able to find anyone good enough to play him?” 

“Oh….” JiangShao opened and closed his mouth, then pulled out his phone and swiped a few times.

“Why don’t you see for yourself.”

JingLing took the phone and glanced at the novel’s title. “Song of Happiness?”

“En” JiangShao nodded.

JingLing took about ten minutes to skim the contents of the novel before getting a rough understanding of the situation.

“Hm, it is a little difficult to cast.”

--Translated by, if you are reading it elsewhere then it was stolen & you are missing the latest updates--

The general premise is a story about a male lead who has to cross dress as a woman and a female lead who has to cross dress as a man. The novel also had plenty of subterfuge and palace intrigue. 

At a young age, the male lead’s father was framed and imprisoned. In order to protect him, the male lead’s mother raised him as a girl to prevent others from seeking to kill him. 
The female lead is the daughter of the current emperor, when the previous emperor was on his deathbed, her father lied about the sex of his newly born child and used the promise of an heir to take the seat of power away from his brothers. Now the female lead had to live her life as a man to uphold that lie.
One is the child of a convicted felon, the other is the eldest “son” of the emperor. The two meet under fated circumstances and bond over their shared circumstances. 
Even though this novel was written by a woman, the fight scenes were all beautifully illustrated and fascinating to read. The only trashy part of the novel was the description of the male and female lead. When cross dressing, the male lead was a delicate beauty and the female lead was a handsome strapping young man. The people around them had no inkling of their true gender. In the end the female lead finally outwits her brothers and becomes the first female emperor in recorded history, she even uses her power to exonerate the male lead’s father. The story should have had a happy ending there, but the female lead refused to let the male lead go, insisting on making him her empress. 
The two friends ended up fighting over this and ruining their relationship. In a rage, the female lead imprisoned the male lead until he consented to the marriage, but year after year, he refused. On his sixth year of imprisonment, the female lead once again visited him on his birthday. She had planned to release him if he still refused her, but who knew that he would finally agree.
On the night of the big wedding, the two lay side by side in bed, the male lead pulled out the jade hairpin that he had once gifted her and pierced it into her chest.


After reading the story, JingLing had some complicated feelings.

“This novel feels a little off, why is there such a big difference in tone in the middle portion of the novel?”

JiangShao: “Are you talking about the palace intrigue arcs? Those were all based on inputs from the uncles in the family.”

JingLing: “......”

JiangShao: “SiJin has been looking for an actor for a long time, at first the rest of the family would help her look but no one could find anyone suitable. I almost forgot about all this until I heard her complain about it and thought of you. How about it? Why don’t you think about it? Even though the character is a little emasculating we definitely won’t shortchange you on the pay.”

In all honesty, female to male crossdressing is very easy to find, but the opposite would be a lot harder. If you really wanted to, you could probably find a few people in the entertainment industry that could fit the bill, but no one would be 100% believable. The princess from the Jiang family was probably used to getting her way and refused to compromise. This was why the casting has taken so long.

JingLing was in the middle of thinking it over when JingQiu came over to set down a plate of fruit. Watching her walk away, he suddenly made a decision.

“I can agree to the audition, but I have one demand.”

This chapter took the gender bending up to another level. I honestly got a little sad at the end of that story within a story. I wonder how much detail they'll be going into that fake story in the rest of the book.

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