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[Chapter 8.1] Reborn, I Became a Male God

“I can agree to the audition, but I have one demand.”

JingLing’s request was simple, he wanted a college admissions letter…... for JingQiu.

Even though JiangShao didn’t talk about his family background, JingLing was able to piece it together. He did a quick google search on the Jiang family while JiangShao was rambling about his sister and confirmed it. The Jiang family may not be in the 1%, but they weren’t far off.

For a family like that, even an admission letter from the top university in the nation wouldn’t be an issue. Plus JingLing wasn’t picky, it didn’t need to be the top university, an average school would do.

Due to their financial circumstances, JingQiu had started working as soon as she finished middle school. She was 22 years old now, it wouldn’t make sense for her to sit through *three years of high school and take the college entrance exams, even if she did, by the time she finally graduated, she’d be around 30. 

*TN: Unlike in the US, the Asian schooling system has three years in middle school and three years in HS.

That’s why he asked for a college admission letter, this letter would not only open the doors to higher education, it would also be worth three years of highschool.

Of course, this was just his own thoughts, he hadn’t mentioned any of this to JingQiu yet. He didn’t want to force the decision on her, this was her life and she should have the freedom to choose, he would on give her the ability to make the decision. If she wanted to continue her studies, this admission letter would be for her, if she wanted to continue working, then he would arrange an easy job for her.

“I already have a request in mind, once I’ve made my decision I’ll tell you, I might not even need it in the end. 

You can rest assured, I won’t ask for anything too difficult.”

JiangShao kept quiet, a flicker of distrust flashed across his eyes. He could admit that JingLing hada very good face, but he was also very young. Could a boy who just graduated from highschool really have the proper judgement when given carte blanche on a request?

Despite his misgivings, JiangShao agreed in the end. If JingLing didn’t have good judgement, then the Jiang family will make sure to teach him properly.

Both sides left the negotiation happy with the agreement.

JiangShao couldn’t wait to share the news with his sister, he excitedly sent a video call request to her.

Doo doo doo doo--

“Bro, do you need something?” A delicate voice came from the speaker.

“SiJin, listen to me, I finally found someone suitable for you! Wait, let me show him to you!” As he spoke, he turned the phone camera towards JingLing.

“This is my sister, Jiang SiJin. SiJin, this is JingLing.”

“Hello, Miss Jiang.” JingLing smiled and waved at her.

The backdrop of the screen had a pink castle covered with lace and ribbons. A young woman with gleaming waist length hair was seated in the center of the video. She had porcelain skin and delicate features. When her eyes fell on JingLing, her mouth dropped open in shock. After a few moments, a shriek came from the phone. 


JiangShao’s face immediately turned dark. He knew SiJin wasn’t being serious, but he suddenly wished he hadn’t introduced JingLing to her. It was a little late for regrets though, now that she has seen him, she would definitely find a way to meet him. If he did try to stop her, he’d probably only succeed in angering her. That wasn’t a situation he wanted to be in.

SiJin fangirled a bit more before calming down. Her cheeks were still flushed from excitement when she finally regained her composure. She chatted with JingLing for quite a while, asking for his phone number and *QQ ID. After a while, JiangShao couldn’t take it anymore and his phone suddenly “lost signal”, thus the long conversation finally ended.

*TN: QQ is common social media platform in China

“Don’t you dare have any thoughts about SiJin!” JiangShao said fiercely.

JingLing couldn’t help but smile, “alright.”

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The two discussed some more and JiangShao ended up staying for dinner. Because of how sudden the visit was, there weren't many ingredients at home. Not having time to grab groceries, JingQiu was barely able to piece together four dishes and a soup. JingQiu was afraid JiangShao would look down on the simple fare, but seeing him eat two bowls of rice and half a bowl of soup eased her worries. JingLing’s impression of him also improved because of this. Whether or not he really liked JingQiu’s cooking, the fact that he ate the whole meal without a hint of disdain showed his good breeding.

After dinner, JiangShao left, but not to go back to LanZhou . He wanted to bring JingLing back to his sister immediately but had to wait for him to finish filling out his application, so he decided to go to stay at Yun City.

JingLing walked him part of the way before heading back home. JingQiu had already cleared the table by the time he got back and was preparing to wash the dishes. JingLing rolled up his sleeves to help her, in a few moments, everything was cleaned up and put away. The two went outside to sit on the porch and cool off.

“Sis, have you thought about going to college?”


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