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[Chapter 56] Love in Another Life: My Gentle Tyrant

Smelling the scent of the ZiXi flower for too long could cause harm to the body. 

While XuanJi was staying in the villa, the flower had been planted there too. Long FeiLi had them plucked for fear of harming her health, after all, he had no plans on ever touching her. 

After their first time, he had sent Doctor Cui to prepare medicine for her to drink, how could she have become pregnant with his child?

From a strategic perspective, if any of his consorts were to bear a child, it would disrupt the delicate balance of power already in place. But more importantly, he didn’t love any of the women in his palace, he would only feel disgust if any of them were to become pregnant with his child.

Even if he did love them, the previous emperor had loved his mother, but what had that done for her? He was still powerless to protect her in the end….

 A few years after the third prince was born, the empress and Consort Ru were both in labor on the same night. Despite having the money and power to find the best doctors, the empress’s child was stillborn. That night the emperor made a decision. To the outside world, Consort Ru’s child had died during childbirth and the empress had given birth to another son, Long FeiLi.

Shortly after the previous emperor died, Consort Ru mysteriously disappeared…

Even without the Zixi flower, he had always been careful about releasing himself inside any of his consorts,but that night with her…… a night of passion.

Long FeiLi turned to Doctor Cui.

“That day, did you watch her drink all of the medicine?”

Doctor Cui lightly nodded her head, just as she was about to answer, a weak and apathetic voice was heard coming from the bed.

“Your majesty, this consort drank every drop of the medicine that night.”

XuanJi pressed her hands onto the bed and weakly pushed herself into a sitting position, as she coldly glared at the tall back standing by the bed.

Maybe it would have been better if she had woken up later, then she wouldn’t have overheard their conversation.

When she heard of the pregnancy, she experienced joy, bewilderment, fear and panic all at once. She never realized that human emotions could be so complicated. In the end, the strongest feeling was still one of unspeakable joy.

She was now carrying a child, their child, but the innocent joy she felt at the thought of carrying the child of the man she loved was immediately dashed. His reaction was entirely the opposite of hers.

Finally, Long FeiLi turned around to look at her. XuanJi lowered her gaze, she didn’t want to look at him, to see the hatred and disgust in his eyes.

“On that day, did you personally watch Consort Nian drink the medicine? My patience is limited, do not make me ask a third time!”

The question fell harshly on XuanJi’s ears. He didn’t trust her! He thought she was like the other consorts in the palace, constantly plotting to bear his child and rise in rank.

She was different, she understood, if a woman wasn’t liked by the emperor, even a child wouldn’t change anything.

Doctor Cui shivered in fear.

“Your majesty, please forgive me, it is not Consort Nian’s fault. She had indeed finished the medicine, the problem is with this servant. That day…. Consort Nian’s body was in bad health, this servant decided to give her a weaker dose of the medicine to preserve her health. Under normal circumstances the dosage should have still been enough…..”

Today’s events were caused purely by Doctor Cui’s kindness.

XuanJi laughed bitterly.

“Your majesty did you hear that? This Doctor Cui isn’t to blame for this, the fault is with XuanJi, the seed that is in XuanJi is too tough, even medicine couldn’t kill it.” 

Xuanji spat the words out with venom, she lifted her head up and glared coldly at him. Seeing the cold eyes stare intensely at him from her pale face, Long FeiLi was suddenly at a loss.

“I only have one question for you, you don’t want this child right?”

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    The previous emperor did a stupid thing by giving him to the empress as a baby, how could the previous emperor expect the empress to genuinely love and raise the child of the woman the previous emperor loved so much 😒
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