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[Chapter 58] Love in Another Life: My Gentle Tyrant

“Get out of my sight!”

The pain in her abdomen intensified again, she unconsciously bent down and clutched at her stomach. Seeing the pain in her eyes, Long FeiLi felt a surge of panic, he reached out to pull her into his embrace.

But XuanJi didn’t want him touching her. She twisted her body to the side and backed away quickly to avoid him. She glared coldly at him as she leaned against the cabinet.

Long FeiLi felt anxious and angry at the same time. “Nian XuanJi!”

He moved with a flash to her side again. At this moment, the door suddenly opened. Doctor Cui walked in carrying the bowl of medicine, she stared in shock at the scene before her, not knowing what to do next.


Long FeiLi’s eyes were filled with rage. Startled, Doctor Cui’s entire body shook as she placed the medicine on the table. She gave one last look towards XuanJi before leaving the room.

XuanJi stared at the delicate bowl sitting on the table. She let out a light laugh despite the lump in her throat.

Long FeiLi had never seen her like this before, her eyes were filled with threads of red, to the point where it looked as if she would begin crying tears of blood.

His heart felt a degree panic that he had never experienced before, but XuanJi had already walked over and picked up the bowl before he had a chance to collect himself.

The medicine was dark and cloudy, the strong herbal smell pierced her nostrils. After she drank this bowl, anything left between the two of them would be gone. Before, she had thought about leaving with some memories, but now, she didn’t feel the need to keep those anymore. Why carry those with her if she would have to waste energy trying to forget them later.

XuanJi closed her eyes and placed the bowl by her lips. As she tilted her head back, the bitter medicine touched her lips, suddenly a strong force gushed towards her. Shocked, she opened her eyes to find the bowl had already been knocked out of her hand.

A few drops of hot liquid fell onto the back of her hand. She heard a crisp sound as the bowl fell to the ground and shattered. The thick medicine spread across the floor like an inky black flower.

XuanJi looked up confused, a few steps away Long FeiLi stood with his palms thrust forward.

What a powerful internal force! He had broken the bowl, but.. Why?

She smiled bitterly and covered her face with her hands, slowly sinking down to the ground. Why does she end up covered in scars after every interaction with this man.*

*TN: metaphorical scars

Long FeiLi, what is it that you want to do?

A hot breath quickly engulfed her. A pair of warm hands embraced her, she tried to break free, but she found that she no longer had any strength. She was tired, so tired.

Buried against his chest, she could distinctly hear his heartbeat. It sounded quickly and clearly.

He carried her to the bed and sat down but continued to press her against himself. His head rested heavily on her neck.

XuanJi twisted her body away and looked towards the man’s heavy eyes. Her lips couldn’t help but twist into a smile as she coldly said.

“Long FeiLi, you should just kill me, I’m afraid I won’t be able to drink another bowl of medic---”

The rest of her words were blocked as he thrust his tongue into her mouth. He bit down on her lips like a madman as he ripped the clothes off of her body.

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XuanJi didn’t understand how she ended up here, her gaze drifted away towards the torn up clothing on the ground. Lost in thought she completely forgot to struggle.

He moved over her body as her hands draped lifelessly by her sides. It seems she could still feel something, but her heart felt empty and hollow. Tears flowed ceaselessly from her eyes.

He leaned over and gently kissed them away.

His heavy breath fell on her face, her lips, her neck, every inch of her skin.

Within his muddled gaze was an indescribable depth. His eyes were locked coldly onto her, the feeling it gave was of a man slowly sinking into obsession.

Even in this scenario, her body still felt some of the pleasure that had been ingrained into her body. But when he finally released himself in her, she felt a despair so strong that wished she could die on the spot.


For the first time, she didn’t fall asleep afterwards, she only gently closed her eyes.

She heard him sit up from the bed, place the blanket over her, and then instruct the servants to prepare her meal without waking her.

Afterwards, he quietly left.

She curled up into a ball beneath her blankets. The sky outside the window was blanketed with stars. That’s right, he left, there were less than six hours before he would meet with XinYi.


He had left without a word, this child…. Did he make a decision? This time he was able to let it live, but what about next time?

He might change his mind again in the future, but she knew what she needed to do now. She wanted this child, she couldn’t let him kill it. So she needed to leave, she couldn’t wait any longer.


Her two servants come into her room afterwards to bring her meal. CuiYa reminds XuanJi about the Emperor’s upcoming birthday and implores her to think of a good gift.

When the time comes, XuanJi is unable to stop herself from going to the meeting place. She gets there early and takes a look at the corpse at the bottom of the well only to find that it is a fresh body. Hearing the sound of people, she quickly hides behind some bushes.


A man’s voice: “You three go outside and keep an eye out.”


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