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[Chapter 59] Love in Another Life: My Gentle Tyrant

A man’s voice: “You three go outside and keep an eye out.”

It was him, it really was him!

XuanJi’s legs shook in anxiety.

XinYi wasn’t here yet, he was waiting for her. He was waiting for the girl who he had always held close to his heart. XuanJi bitterly laughed at herself as she felt a twinge of jealousy.

“Your Majesty please forgive me, I am late again.”

A firm but light, it gave the same feeling as Long FeiLi’s voice, but with a light hint of laughter. This voice was slightly familiar….. XuanJi froze in shock, a beautiful face suddenly swam into her mind. It’s her!?

How much time had she spent guessing XinYi’s identity? She thought it was someone she didn’t know but…. How could it be her?

She suddenly couldn’t be sure, she knew what she wanted to do next was dangerous, but she couldn’t control the raging curiosity

Gritting her teeth, she gently popped her head out from behind the bushes.

The two people embraced quietly under the moonlight. Although she could only see a blurry side view, their silhouettes were clear.

It was her! It really was her!

This person... she could never hope to compete against her. XuanJi felt as if her chest was being stabbed, her breathing came in short bursts. She tightly covered her mouth as she stared at the two embracing. His head was by her ear as he quietly whispered to her.

She could see the corner of XinYi’s mouth move upwards into a faint smile. A smile that was as light as water but as crisp and bright as the moonlight.

XuanJi also smiled to herself, but she knew that her smile was incomparable to the beauty of XinYi’s smile.

Perhaps, since the first day she met him, she had been slowly building a tower around her heart, and now that she heard what they said, it felt like the tower was finally collapsing.

Suddenly, Long FeiLi let go of XinYi and pulled her behind him instead.

“Who is it?”

XuanJi watched as he stood protectively in front of XinYi, her entire body felt cold, she had been discovered?

A sound came from the bushes by her other side. In an instance, a green shadow moved rapidly past her towards Long FeiLi.

The green shadow was QingFeng, and the person he had captured...CuiYa!

XuanJi’s entire body shook, why was she here? Was she tailing her the entire time? She hadn’t realized at all.

CuiYa had been hiding in a bush right next to hers, just now when QingFeng discovered CuiYa, he should have also seen her! She saw him look towards her direction for a second, his eyes were complex and anxious.

XuXi and XiaSang had already come in from outside.

Long FeiLi lightly furrowed his brow and looked at CuiYa. Her frail body shook as she kneeled on the ground. XuXi’s face was dark.

“Why are you here?”

CuiYa’s face was ghastly pale, as she stuttered out. “This.. this servant couldn’t sleep, she was wandering around when… when she came here.”

A crisp sound accompanied XuXi’s cold laugh. He had already pulled out his sword and pointed it towards her.

“Your Majesty, are you going to kill her? XinYi said startled, “but she’s Consort Nian’s….”

“She saw you, she cannot live. XuXi, go ahead.”

XuanJi had always remembered what Long FeiLi had said about CuiYa working for her

. “Having another loyal servant by her side can’t be a bad thing.”

Now, for XinYi, he was willing to kill her without a second thought.

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“You can’t kill my servant.”

The silhouette of a person appeared from behind the bushes. Slowly, she walked towards him.

Everyone’s face turned dark, Long FeiLi’s especially as his eyes followed her every step.

“How much do you know?” His eyes were dark, his tone so rough it was almost unrecognizable.

XuanJi smiled, “If I said I didn’t know anything, would you believe me?”

Long FeiLi smiled coldly in response.

“Alright, I know about your birth mother, and XinYi.”

His smile was like an arrow piercing through her heart. XuanJi clenched her fist tightly and turned towards XinYi.

“Lady RuYi”

Although these same people had gathered here just a few days ago, the sudden reveal of XinYi’s identity changed everything.

RuYi was currently in Long FeiLi’s protective embrace, the look she had as she watched XuanJi was complicated.

XuanJi smiled at Long FeiLi. “Your Majesty, please gift me with a few words, what do you plan to do with my servant and me?”

Long FeiLi let go of RuYi and gazed fiercely at XuanJi as if it wanted to rip her to pieces. Finally, he closed his eyes and turned around.

QingFeng, suddenly shot XiaSang a look, XiaSang could only smile bitterly back at him. XuXi immediately kneeled before Long FeiLi.

“Your Majesty, you might not want to hear what this servant has to say, but for the safety of the young lady, Consort Nian needs to be taken care of.”

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