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[Chapter 7.1] The Special Agent Princess

Purchasing Medicine [Part I]

“He will definitely be able to cure you, isn’t that right Doctor Bai?”

Hearing the upward lilt of her voice, Bai XiaoRao immediately responded.

“Yes, I am able to cure it, do you want me to cure it now or do you want me to write a prescription for you to take home?”

Hearing this, Madame Ye immediately snapped out of her daze. “There is no rush, you haven’t checked on my daughter yet, she fell down yesterday and has been having headaches, can you take a look at her?”

QingGe felt a surge of warmth in her heart,even in this moment, her mother was still concerned about her.  She stuck her hand out for Bai XiaoRao to feel her pulse. 

“There is nothing major wrong with this young lady, she just needs to rest a little more. As for her headache… my guess is that it has subsided?”

QingGe raised her eyebrows. “The pain has indeed subsided, so all we need now is a prescription for my mother’s poison.”

Bai XiaoRao furrowed his brow. He didn’t know why, but this little girl caused him some confusion. Did she actually know how to cure the illness he had been trying to treat? Could she cure LiangEr? If not, why was she able to name the medicine needed?* With no guesses, Bai XiaoRao decided to go and write the prescription.

*TN: if you’re confused, this is regarding the “secret code” she used in the last chapter that allowed her and her mom to be invited in. I had to check back for this because I forgot about it :P.

After he left, QingGe said, “Mom, I want to come back in the future to learn medicine from Mister Bai, can I?”

Even though Madame Ye doted on QingGe, this was still a little too much. She shook her head, “If you want to learn medicine, you should buy some books first to learn. None of the noble ladies of the capital study medicine right now, it's not something you should do openly.”

The only reason Madame Ye didn’t outright refuse the idea of QingGe learning medicine was because she didn’t want her to end up like herself. Being poisoned for five years without any knowledge of it. QingGe would eventually have to marry, she couldn’t take care of her forever, she would need to learn to watch out for herself eventually. 


QingGe understood why her mother sighed, she lightly patted her shoulders. “Mom, I’ll go buy some medicine from the counter, you just wait here for me. Do you want ZhiLan and your servant QingQian inside to keep you company?”

“No need, you go ahead, I’ll just watch from the side.”

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Hearing this, QingGe went to the front counter. Bai XiaoRao greeted her. “Young Miss, you’re personally buying the medicine?”

QingGe smiled lightly, “I have some other medicinal plants I want to buy too, I thought I would take a look while I’m here. Is that little guy the only employee you have here? I remember there was a big brother here last time too, has his illness gotten better?”

Hearing her words, Bai XiaoRao’s hands trembled violently as he dropped the medicine he was holding. “You, you, you know LiangEr? You know him?”

QingGe lightly nodded his head, seeing this he replied, “Will it really work?”

“It will, but, you have to give me some time. Rest assured, once I have time I’ll come back and heal him, but you have to prepare the medicine for me, and provide me with a set of gold needles, the smallest sizes possible.”

“Alright, no problem, do you need anything else?”

“I also need a large amount of numbing powder, and a leaf from the dazing flower.”

Bai XiaoRao furrowed his brows, “This flower is difficult to find, its leaf? I’ll do my best to acquire it.”

QingGe started to write down the medicine she needed.
“Alright, tell me when you’ve found it, my name is QingGe, I’m the legitimate daughter of the Minister of Defense, you know where to find me.”

Bai XiaoRao froze a little, although he had guessed that she was of noble birth, he would have never imagined she was the daughter of the Minister of Defense. He thought of the rumors that he had heard about her. She was spoiled and stubborn, had no respect for her elders, was plain to look at, what else was there? Oh, they also said that she was completely uneducated…. it looks like rumors couldn’t be trusted after all.

At the same time, QingGe was also thinking, she was wondering how she would bring all her purchases home. If only she had the dimensional storage box from the other world, as soon as she thought of it, she suddenly saw the box appear in her mind's eye. 

She used her consciousness to poke it, it was real! This was great, now she would have a storage space, a completely private storage space that no one else could access. She opened the box with her mind and was surprised to find a handgun, five bullets, three grenades and a pile of chocolate inside. Most importantly, all of her medical supplies were in there too, including her gold needles and her surgical tools.

This happiness came too suddenly, the only downside was that the box had shrunk to half its original size. Was that the cost of it traveling to this world with her? With no clear answer, there was no point in thinking about it further.


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