Friday, May 29, 2020

[Chapter 7.2] The Special Agent Princess

Purchasing Medicine [Part II]

QingGe only needed a thought to move all of the herbs she bought into the storage chest. However, the people around her weren’t blind, it would be suspicious if the objects suddenly disappeared. She had already died once, she knew what it was like to be seen as a monster in her previous world, she wasn’t going to let that happen again. Forget it, it was better to be cautious.

When QingGe and her mother came in, they purposefully left their servants outside. QingGe had ZhiLan called in and handed her the package to put on the desk. She told her to escort the Madame into the carriage first and she would follow.

ZhiLan dutifully followed her instructions and left with Madame Ye. Afterwards, QingGe asked the desk clerk to bring the prescription over to ZhiLan and requested Bai XiaoRao to bring some medical books for her. Once everyone had left the room, she took the entire package of medicine and placed it in her storage chest.

After everything was put away, she really started to feel tired. This was only her first day back, to do this much, it was really tiring. 

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She took the medical books that Bai XiaoRao brought out to her and finally went into the carriage. It wasn’t until they were almost home when ZhiLan suddenly exclaimed,

“Ah! Young miss, I forgot to grab the medicine, do you want me to go get it?”

QingGe couldn’t help but laugh. “How could you forget you silly girl, forget it, we aren’t in a rush to use it anyways.”

ZhiLan relaxed a little, at least the young miss wasn’t angry. Now that she thought about it, ever since she woke up, her mistress has had an unusually good temper. She wondered about it as they slowly went back to QingGe’s QingYa courtyard. They had been gone for over four hours already.

Seeing them back from their trip, ZhiQiu came out to greet them.

“Young Miss, why were you out for so long? Earlier the Old Madame sent word to tell you to go visit her once you came back. Miss, do you think something might have happened?”

QingGe thought about it a little, she had a pretty good idea what this was about. 

“Don’t worry, nothing happened, let’s go over there now!”

Hearing her immediate response, ZhiQiu replied “Miss, don’t you want to change your clothing before heading over?”

QingGe looked herself up and down before replying.

“No need to change, we shouldn’t let the Old Madame wait any longer. If we leave now we’ll be in time for dinner.”

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