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[Chapter 8.2] Reborn, I Became a Male God

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“Sis, have you thought about going to college?”

He received a long silence in response, after a while, JingQiu replied with an overly casual tone of voice. She said that she wasn’t interested, her grades were never that good and the teachers doubted she could even test into highschool.

In reality, her grades had always been top notch. This wasn’t because of natural talent but because all the effort she had put into her studies. How could someone who put so much work into school be uninterested in pursuing an education? But now that she was at this point in her life, what could she change? JingQiu was afraid JingLing would feel guilty so she told a white lie. He was only in elementary school when she started working, he probably wouldn’t be able to remember anything from that time anyways.

JingLing didn’t respond to her comment, and switched to asking her what type of job she wanted. JingQiu thought for a while before shaking her head.

“I don’t know what I’m even qualified for, I remember working part time after graduating from middle school. We would often go window shopping during our breaks. I always admired the girls working in offices, but I don’t think I could do a job like that.”

The two siblings chatted for a long time, it was already deep into the night before they finished. In the end, JingLing gave JiangShao a phone call and told him his request. There was shocked silence from the other end. JiangShao never expected the request would be so simple, he immediately agreed and told JingLing to tell him when he decided on a school and major.

When she found out, JingQiu burst into tears on the spot. JingLing reached out and hugged her, letting her cry to her heart's content. The woman who never complained, no matter how tired or hard her life was, ended up crying her eyes out in JingLing’s embrace. She cried until she tired herself out and fell asleep.

JingLing carefully moved her to bed and tucked her in before going back to his own room to rest.

In the next few days, JingLing worked on picking the right school for JingQiu. Based on her own input, they eventually picked ShiDa University in YiZhou. JingQiu wanted to become a teacher.

As for JingLing, due to the proximity, he decided to go to JiaoTong school right next door. This school wasn’t as prestigious as ShuiMu or DiDou’s Universities, but it was still within the top ten in the nation. For his major, JingLing decided on engineering, he could ace those classes in his sleep, he was really just looking for something easy to coast on.

JingQiu almost started a fight with him because of his choice. She eventually calmed down when he jokingly said:

“Actually it doesn’t matter what school or major I pick, I’m about to enter the entertainment industry and become a huge star. When I’m on set I’ll need to take a quite a few days off, DiDou and ShuiMu probably wouldn’t allow for that.”

For most people, education was just a means to find a good job, and in the end a job is only as good as the money it pays. The job of a movie star gives people the impression of an easy life with lots of money. JingQiu didn’t really understand much about the profession so she was easily swayed by his words.

“That’s right, JingLing, you’re so good looking, you’ll definitely become a huge star!”


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As the saying goes, with money comes power. Even though this was SiJin’s first time in the entertainment industry, with her family as the investor, a wide path was paved for her. From the announcement of the drama’s shooting to now, all of the main cast had been quickly decided within a month’s time. It had only been the male lead that had caused so much difficulty.

The staff members would often gossip about the latest news. Everyone knew that the show would probably be canceled if the Male Lead wasn’t cast. Thus the employees didn’t have much hope for the continuation of the show, even if everyone were to be laid off the next day, there wouldn’t be much surprise. Afterall, the criteria for the male lead was just too ridiculous. Where were they going to find a handsome man who could become a believably beautiful woman?*

*TN: I guess these people never watched RuPaul’s drag race….

No one had any faith in this possibility, even the director and assistant director were still actively receiving new scripts, ready to disband at a moment’s notice.

With this kind of backdrop, one night, the director suddenly received a phone call from their investor and was told to prepare all of the staff members. The male lead had been found and they would begin shooting immediately after the costumes were made.

The director’s immediate reaction was that the investor must be a scammer. 

The next day, all the staff were waiting on set for this “scam investor” and his fake male lead. When they stepped out of the car, everyone was shocked. The male lead was slender and poised, based on his appearance, he had the look of a boy who was about to become a young man. His features were extremely delicate and precise. Despite wearing only casual clothing, his whole body seemed to glow with an undeniable aura, very eye catching.

Staff members: We must be dreaming, there’s no way anyone could so perfectly satisfy these conditions!

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