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[Chapter 9.1] Reborn, I Became a Male God

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Unbelievably, the investor had really found an actor for the role. The reaction to JingLing was only stunned silence, finally a thought emerged unspoken into everyone’s mind:

So the drama won’t be getting cancelled?

Although everyone had been going about their day waiting for the eventual cancellation, no one wanted the show to actually get cancelled. All everyone wanted was to do their job, most sets were the same and given the choice, people usually didn’t want to go job hunting again. Plus, the pay for this drama was quite good, and even though no filming was being done, they were still being fed three meals a day without fail.

Because of this, everyone let out a sigh of relief when they saw the male lead.

Due to the long wait, a lot of the prep work had already been done, the costume designs for the other actors had already been completed. In the end, the only thing that was missing was the male lead. Now that JingLing was here, the production could finally move forward.

People in the entertainment industry have always been superstitious, a good date needed to be chosen before they could officially start filming. After the initial phone call, the director went ahead and did some research. It just so happened that Saturday was a highly auspicious date. The three days in between would be used to prepare JingLing’s costumes.

The director still had one more concern left. The next day, when JingLing went in for makeup, he finally asked SiJin,

“Has JingLing had a chance to read the script yet?”

SiJin replied calmly, “I just found him, how would I have time to give him the script?”

The Director’s mood suddenly plummeted, when he heard SiJin’s response.

“Don’t worry about it, we’ll just take it slow with the filming.”

Alright, you’re the one with the money, you’re the one who is stubborn, if you’re not worried then I shouldn’t be worried either. It’s not my money we’re spending anyways. The director had to repeat that to himself a few times before finally deciding to drop the topic.

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“We’re ready!” 

After about two hours, the doors of the makeup room finally burst open. People were already crowding around the door, all waiting to see JingLing in costume. Even though they had already seen his face and knew he was good looking enough to pull off women’s clothing, everyone still wanted to confirm.

[The Song of Happiness] was being filmed in the YunDuan film studios which was located in the ZhongYang District. It was GongHe country’s largest filming spot for historical dramas. About 70% of the historical dramas produced every year were filmed here. The living spaces and the filming spaces were all separated to preserve the authenticity of the set. All of the electronic filming equipment was so carefully hidden that they could not be seen with a glance.

Even the dressing room was well decorated, from the outside, it looked just like a historical building.

The elegantly carved wooden doors swung open again and a delicate girl wearing a shimmery teal dress walked out. Her hair was done in an elegant cloud bun adorned with many pearls. Her red lips remind one of tender peach blossoms, patches of white skin were exposed between the strands of hair falling gracefully around her neck. 

The crowd was stunned. After a while, everyone snapped out of their daze only to feel a little unhappy.

As a man, he was already quite handsome, but what could you do about that? How is it that, even as a woman he was breathtakingly beautiful, what reason did anyone else have to continue living?!

Unlike the others, the director still held some reservations despite the shock. He walked up to JingLing and circled him a few times before stopping in front of him. With careful observation he was able to pinpoint the problem. 

“Although his Adam's apple isn’t obvious, it’s still visible if you look closely, he’s also too tall. LiYi come here for a second.”

As soon as he spoke a girl to the side of him immediately walked over.

“Stand here.”

The director pointed to the spot next to JingLing. The girl stood to the side. Comparing the two of them, if you were to include the hair, JingLing was a whole head taller than her. The girl named LiYi was the actress for the female lead. Now that they were finally standing next to each other, having the “female” lead be taller than the “male” lead was not going to work.

JingLing kept silent and looked at the girl next to him, she also looked towards him. The two met eyes and LiYi shrugged her shoulders in exasperation. “You don’t have to look at me like that beautiful, I’m 5’5”, that’s already considered pretty tall compared to other girls.”

JingLing responded back, “It can't be my fault either, 5’7” isn’t considered that tall for a guy either.”

Two thirds of the male staff members: ……….


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  1. Can't they just use camera angles and stuff to make one of them look taller and one look shorter?

    Anyway, thanks for translating!

  2. In what world is 5cm a whole head taller than someone else... also, is it really that strange to have a woman who is taller than a man? what is up with this author, oml

    1. Hmm I'm not sure in your place, but in my country(I'm asian btw), men being taller than their partner is sort of the norm. It's not seen as bad, but it is seen as something not very desirable from a male partner.

      In fact, I've always thought most countries have the same thoughts on height, guess I was wrong haha