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[Chapter 9.2] Reborn, I Became a Male God

The director circled the two of them a few times and stroked his chin as he talked out loud to himself. “Will we have to film with step stools now?”

JingLing thought for a while and said, “It doesn’t need to be that complicated, I can sit in a wheelchair.”

The director’s eyes lit up, “That could work!”

And so, the set producer had to hurry and create a historically accurate wheelchair for JingLing. After a few tries, they were finally able to make one with the right measurements. 

The clothing department also didn’t get a chance to rest. They had to start creating costumes for JingLing. Due to the lack of time, they decided to just create two sets of clothing and make the rest as they filmed.

The entire cast and crew started hustling and bustling.

Two days later, the production held their opening ceremony at the YunDuan studio. The marketing team took the opportunity to snap a few pictures for WeiBo*.

*TN: Chinese social media app like fb/instagram

“TheSongofHappinessProductionV: After all the ups and downs, [Song of Happiness] is finally going to start filming, are you happy? <dog emoji><dog emoji><dog emoji><image.jpg>

The Song of Happiness was considered pretty successful as an online novel, but it was still nothing compared to big name books. Plus, this was SiJin’s only work, the number of fans accumulated were few and far between. It’s been about half a year since the announcement of the drama production, but there are only 30k fans. In the end, the Weibo status that was posted sunk like a stone in the ocean, barely any waves were created.

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Three days later, the production company started releasing images of the actors. The first picture wasn’t of the lead actors but of the supporting actors. The image showed a woman dressed in a begonia red palace uniform wearing a faint smile. The upper right hand corner of the image said “Meng Lan as Consort Lin”

In the original novel, Consort Lin was the mother of the third prince LiZheng, she was the previous emperor’s most loved woman.

Like the initial production update, this image of the actress in costume didn’t create much commotion. Only a handful of diehard fans bothered to leave any reaction.

Afterwards, every day at 6PM, the production company would release another image. After the images of the female supporting lead were released, it was time for the male supporting lead. After seven days of back to back releases, the drama finally started getting some buzz, by then they were only left with the last two pictures, the male and female lead

It was approaching 6PM again, fans were already starting to speculate who’s images would be released today. Some thought it would be the male lead, others thought it would be the female lead, everyone had their reasoning for their guess. 6PM on the dot, the production company released a new image. It showed a young man in military gear, holding a lance atop a beautiful black steed. The image only showed his profile, but one could see the flames of battle behind him. The upper right hand corner: “LiYi as LiYu”

The netizens started discussing as soon as the image was released.

JuanJuanisalsoverycutetoday: “So handsome, slurp slurp slurp!”

ILY: “The male lead’s profile is not bad, I want a front view!”

DeepSeaintheCloudsV: “Previous poster, this isn’t the male lead, it’s the female lead.”

TheLittleGirlMatchstick: “The original story is silly but sweet, makes me feel like being in love after reading it.”

Angie2: “Previous poster is trying to cause trouble @DeepSeaintheCloudsV: I looked it up, LiYi is a girl, if they’re going by the original book, the female lead should be played by a guy. I’m willing to bet a bag of hot cheetos that we’re all gonna go blind tomorrow, anyone want to bet with me?”

MyUsernameisaMess: “Gambling is wrong! But I also bet my eyes will go blind, one bag of hot cheetos!”

The rest of the netizens continued to comment on whether or not they will go blind.

The next day at 5PM, the production company sent out an early message. 
SongofHappinessStudioV: A surprise is coming soon, is everyone ready? [pant][pant]

A bunch of people flooded to comments, sniping about how “a scare” would be more accurate than “a surprise”. Everyone waited for the photo to be revealed as they continued to leave nasty comments.

At 6PM sharp, the production company released the final image.

It was the middle of winter, the courtyard was filled with snow. The vivid red of the plum blossoms growing in the background contrasted sharply with the white snow. Underneath the tree sat a woman wearing a light green overcoat. The collar of the coat was lined with white fur covering almost half of the woman’s face. The skin that was showing was almost as white as the snow. Her glistening black hair was adorned with two pearl hairpins. The woman’s head was slightly lowered, her eyes peeking through the long lashes. 

This was without a doubt a lovely woman, the only thing kind of out of place in the image were the long tracks of a wheelchair in the snow behind her.

On the upper right hand corner “JingLing as Zhao ZiZhen”

The poster who bet all the book fans would blind by now: “You said it would be a guy crossdressing as a girl? Aren’t you afraid the fans will beat you up if you got a chick to play the male lead?!”

MelonEatingRoad: “I thought yesterday’s image was of the female lead? This looks more like the female lead? Did someone make a mistake?


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