[Characters] The Special Agent Princess

This character page is to help me keep track of the ever growing list of characters.

The Ye Family

Ye QingGe: Female Lead, she was reborn and has two lifetimes worth of memories and abilities.

The Old Madame: Matriarch of the Ye family, mother of YeHan and Ye MingYe, Ye QingGe's paternal grandmother.

YeHan: Ye QingGe's father

ZhaoShi: Ye QingGe's mother and YeHan's legitimate wife

Gao YiNiang: The legitimate daughter of Gao NongZhong, married Ye QingGe's father as his second wife.

Ye MingYe: Ye QingGe's fraternal uncle. Due to the emperor's strategies he was constantly at odds with Ye QingGe's maternal uncle.

Second Madame: The wife of Ye QingGe's paternal uncle (Ye MingYe)

Doctor Fu: Doctor of the Ye Estate, he was brought in by Gao YiNian.

Bai XiaoRao: Skilled but eccentric doctor who prefers to work in the slums rather than treat the wealthy.